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I have 2 prior dui,. I got arrested for public intox. Recently will I go to jail?
I have 2 prior dui's one was 4yrs ago and the last one was this past February. When I got arrested I for public intoxication, I was not very nice to the police but they didn't charge me with anything other that public intoxication, I had a signature bond to get out. I'm trying to find out if I'm facing jail time.
It is of course possible with any misdemeanor. But get good defense counsel and you should be fine. You are correct in...
My husband was sentenced to 12 months in the county jail for 2 dui's will he have to serve the whole time or can we get his sent
will he have to serve the whole time or is their a way we can get his sentence reduced? he was sentence to 12 months
Each state, each county is different. Your husband's attorney should have clarified this for you at the time of the...
Can I be convicted in Alabama of a DUI if my BAL was zero and my blood test for drugs was deemed "Not Applicable".
I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which I bumped into the rear of a car at a stop light. When the police arrived they gave me a field sobriety test . At one point in the test I lost my balance slightly.
Of course you can. If a lack of test results was all it took to avoid conviction, everyone would simply refuse testing.
Live in AL totaled car when to jail dui lost job 2 months ago had just been hired 2 weeks before wreck no insurance what do I do
e separated but share custody of child no insurance just been recently hired for job trying to decide what to do
Best advicr: Hire lawyer(s). Best of luck.
I have a no-contest DUI from 08/14 in Pensacola, FL - AL DL suspended - What do I do?
AL tells me FL must clear me from the National Registry of suspended drivers license. FL tells me I must go to an approved DUI Program/School. Neither will tell me where I can do this in AL (or in FL for that matter). I have been to the local AL office... no help. I have called, and emailed the FL authority - no help, and no response. My FL probation officer will not help either. He knows nothing, and will not lift a finger to find out what I need to do to clear the suspension. What do I do now?
This is not an uncommon situation. Have your attorney or hire one to get the judge in P-cola to authorize you to take...
Open container violation Barbour county Alabama
I was cited for open container violation in Barbour county Alabama. Blew 0.00. If convicted would i have to go through Court referral program in addition to the fines. In case i am referred to cro would i be able to request to avoid random alcohol test and color coding
Good questions. The answers would depend upon your prior criminal history, your age, whether you are on probation...
Is it considered "rape" in Alabama when one party is heavily intoxicated and cannot consent to sexual intercourse?
A friend of mine was raped in Alabama. She was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. She had an approximate BAC of .2-.3 during the time of the sex act. She reports blacking out intermittently during the assault. Her attacker/rapist admits to having sex with her but stated that she had consented to sex. He also admitted to giving/allowing her to have more alcohol during before the time of the assault. Due to cognition and memory loss my friend did not immediately report the incident. She ended up having a child with her rapist however. It should also be noted that the women who was raped is also a lesbian and is married to another woman.
It is considered rape in every state when sex occurs with no consent. The question comes down to proof as to whether he...