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I have 2 prior dui,. I got arrested for public intox. Recently will I go to jail?
I have 2 prior dui's one was 4yrs ago and the last one was this past February. When I got arrested I for public intoxication, I was not very nice to the police but they didn't charge me with anything other that public intoxication, I had a signature bond to get out. I'm trying to find out if I'm facing jail time.
It is of course possible with any misdemeanor. But get good defense counsel and you should be fine. You are correct in...
Clifford William stroh#286121 is in elmore co. jail for violated probation do to drinking .what next?
when I talk to his probation officer he said he waiting for an answer from mich.cliff has court with 2 probation officer then told me cliff only has 5 month on probation Clifford is wondering when he could get out or what going to happen. on june 21,2014 he was in a bad accindent an total out the van,the blood test was done and the it was 1.87 the state officer said he was going to give him a dui ticket but never did let PLEASE HELP ME mrs. stroh
You need an in depth consultation with an attorney. It sounds like at the least he is in violation of his probation.
My husband was sentenced to 12 months in the county jail for 2 dui's will he have to serve the whole time or can we get his sent
will he have to serve the whole time or is their a way we can get his sentence reduced? he was sentence to 12 months
Each state, each county is different. Your husband's attorney should have clarified this for you at the time of the...
Drug oui chances
I got stopped for expired tag, i didnt drive faulty and obeyed all traffic laws, officer noticed that i had slurred speech and saw bruises all over my body and mud. also noticed that i couldn't follow directions he asked me to do hgn test 6/6 cues then did walk and turn 8/8 cues and 4/4 cues on one leg stand there was a small rain shower while the tests was performed i am prescribed glasses but wasn't wearing them that day i stumbled several times while being placed under arrest and made strange comments at times when i got to the station an ems drew my blood which tested positive for phenazepam and mitragynine the exact concentration of the drugs was not provided. can the government provide this state beyond a reasonable doubt in your opinion?
This precise question was just posted in the Pennsylvania (as well as Vermont & west Virginia, Wyoming, and Washington)...
Will a juvenile dui from 1983 show up now-would this count as a 2nd offense or have the records been sealed because of my age?
I have been charged with dui.
Anytime you have been charged with a DUI, it is wise to hire an attorney that specializes in DUI. Use Avvo to find a...
What forms will I need to file for to begin the process
I have been a resident of Alabama since Dec. 18, 2013. I received my 3rd DUI conviction in Dec, 2012, within a 10 year period in the state of Pennsylvania. Where I completed & graduated from DUI Court and will soon be completed my maximum probation term of 5 yrs. I am seeking advice in applying for a hardship driver license for work. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
There is no such thing as a "hardship" driver license in the state of Alabama. Either one holds a driver license or...
Is it legal for a case to sit on appeal almost four years?
I was arrested for DUI in 2011. Went to in front of judge in April 2012, was convicted even though I didn't blow. I immediately appealed and have heard nothing for almost four years. Just notified of court date. This happened in Blount county Alabama, where the good ole' boy system is in full swing.
If you're not represented, you should consult with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The length of delay...