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How can i prove i was not driving?
i got arrested for dui in arkansas i was not driving the car and the keys were around my neck how could the officer possibly charge me with no proof that i was driving? there was no dash cam and i was not merandized until after i got to the police station all he has was confession at the scene what could i possibly ask the officer in court to beat this i have court september 23 and i need help
The police can charge you upon a reasonable belief based on evidence that you were driving. Whether they can convict...
What am I likely to be sentenced on the pending charges?
I am being charged with DWI - drugs ( first offence), careless and prohibited driving, and possession of a non narcotic prescription medication without a prescription. I fell sleep behind the wheel of my vehicle and hit a culvert flipping my truck 7 times. I was not asked if I needed medical attention and I asked for it several times. I was taken to jail and spent 3 days until i was able to make bail. There were not drugs found at the scene and I was not under the influences at that current time. Yes there were things in my system but it was from 2 days prior. There were no other vehicles involved in the accident. Since the accident I have found out that I have seizures. I have had 3 since the accident and I believe that they could have been the cause of the wreck. I cannot afford legal counsel and I am being forces to represent myself. All charges are misdemeanors.
Ask for a Public Defendor. If you don't qualify for one, kep talking to lawyers until you find one that will work on a...
What places offer classes such as these. That's close to Newport Arkansas edu and therapy alcohol classes
Got a DUI in CO in 2013 it was my second one my prior was in 2001. I got put on probation and had too take edu and therapy classe. Which added up to 32 classes all together. Me and my family moved to Arkansas two years ago. I recently went back to Colorado to handle this. And the judge told me to go back and get in to classes there then come back to court
Call your local district court and ask who they use to screen DWI defendants for alcohol education courses. Typically...
What is DWI with Drugs and refusal to blood test ?what are the odds of beating it.
My son is charged with DWI Drugs and refusal to take a blood test. He wrecked his car and I was there. He was not under the influence of alcohol, he blew 0 and they searched his car and found nothing. He had gotten stitches that day in his knee. they came out in the wreck. He could not walk the line and he has a condition in which his pupils stay large and he was taken to jail. I want to know if this is proper and what his chances are of being found not guilty or lesser charge. He said he was bright lighted and something hit his windshield. His windshield was shattered at the rearview mirror. The state trooper said he grabbed it when he wrecked.
Your son is going to need to hire a DUI lawyer to fight this case. These are all questions he can ask that lawyer...
What do I need to do I have a warrent in Ark from 14 years ago for failing to turn myself in for a 10 day jail sentence for DWI.
What do I need to do I have a warrent in Ark from 14 years ago for failing to turn myself in for a 10 day jail sentence for DWI. I live in Texas and can't do the time , I would loose my job and I can't do that .Are there any options for this??
You need to contact and hire Arkansas criminal defense counsel now. It is likely you will have to do the time. Courts...
Just curious on if i should fight the charge of driving while intoxicated
Can a cop give me a DWI in my own drive way.. I was not in the car the car was not running and I had the keys in my pocket.. and they towed my car with it covered by insurance.
Obviously so or you wouldn't be asking this question. What you really want to know is can you fight it. A qualified...
Do I have to pose position of vehicle to be found get
Got dwi keys weren't in the ignition neither was I took blood test my prescription showed up zancs do I have to pose position of the vehicle in order to be found guilty
DWI is proven two ways: driving or "actual control of the vehicle." ACV can be proven with circumstantial evidence....