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If I pay the fees, file SR22 and DUI school to obtain a restricted license then have I conceded and the appeal is moot?
I was cited for DUI (.09 BAC) in El Dorado County, CA. I had the DMV administrative per se hearing and lot. I filed a petition for writ of mandate and lost. I've appealed the decision on the writ to the 3rd DCA where it is awaiting a briefing schedule. My license was suspended for 4 months. The DMV and court did not stay the suspension. I decided to not pay the fees, fines, etc or go to DUI school or file a SR22 as my writ petition and now appeal move forward. I understand if I consent to the fees, fines, SR22 and DUI school to obtain a restricted license then I've conceded to the DMV suspension.
Where's your lawyer in all of this? Don't tell me you're representing yourself. What exactly are you asking?
Do I need a DUI attorney or Criminal attorney?
Had my first court appearance Nov. 18. 2015 in my hometown Bishop, CA. Where I was visiting at time of my arrest. Received a very nice judge who up called me up LAST after many other people with serious charges. He never asked me a plea simply said "get an attorney" my charges were very serious. Paperwork says Count 1 DUI, Count 2 twice over legal limit .015. I was not driving at the time, I was parked. However, my keys were in the ignition. I had 2 Highway patrol, Mr. Nibert who was very nice and the second not so nice. 1st officer made me take the breathlyzer 3 times, said I was not doing it correctly. I was VERY nervous as I've never had a DUI. I'm a 46 year old single mother two 2 youngs. I also wanted to ask should I get an attorney in Bishop, or here where I currently
Definitely get an attorney in Bishop as they will be more knowledgable of how things operate there more so than an out...
If I blew a .10 Breathalyzer test will I loose my license
They pulled me over thinking I was involved in a hit and run and later found the person that was involved in the hit and run . but they treated me as though I was guilty and cuffed me in front of my wife and children in my front yard
Yes, you will probably lose your license. You will also likely eat a DUI in court unless your attorney comes across a...
If I got a dui and I'm out on bail bonds can I travel between states?
I want to go to the east coast for my birthday at the end of the month
That depends upon whether or not the court imposed any release conditions and more importantly perhaps, your contract...
What should i do or bring for first court date on my first offence ever.
Dui wrecked my car only one involved
DO: - Request a DMV Hearing within 10 days from arrest. - Consult with 2-3 attorneys - Hire 1 of those attorneys....
DUI - How long after a arrest must you be arraigned?
Reported to court on day stated. I was not on the calendar and was given a document that said I appeared for arraignment. Waited six months until I received notice to appear again.
The statue of limitations to file a misdemeanor DUI is 12 months. Sounds like this filing is well within that. You...
How soon after arraignment can I get the discovery in a dui case?
my son got a dui in his driveway, to make it worse on his 25th birthday when ins. rates drop. hes a student in college and has 2 jobs. He has always been very very responsible regarding driving and has no tickets on his record to date. he was not coming home, but was thinking about leaving after a argument with his girl, when a neighbor called cops. he gave a lawyer 500 bucks and still hasn't seen discovery. what type of defense does he have? can you tell me approx. cost for this type of case and what chance does he have to be acquitted. thank you
If he has already retained an attorney, he needs to address this question to the attorney. $500 is a very minimal...