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If I blew a .10 Breathalyzer test will I loose my license
They pulled me over thinking I was involved in a hit and run and later found the person that was involved in the hit and run . but they treated me as though I was guilty and cuffed me in front of my wife and children in my front yard
Yes, you will probably lose your license. You will also likely eat a DUI in court unless your attorney comes across a...
Do i need a lawyer for my case?
i was driving under the influence and got into a car accident, no one was hurt except for me and now i am getting charged with 2-5 felony charges. this is my first time ever being charged.
You have been charged with felonies. You absolutely need a lawyer. Use the "find a lawyer" tab to locate one in the...
If I got a dui and I'm out on bail bonds can I travel between states?
I want to go to the east coast for my birthday at the end of the month
That depends upon whether or not the court imposed any release conditions and more importantly perhaps, your contract...
I've had two dui's in my past. I'm currently on informal probation. Attending 18 month DUI program. I recently was busted in
Sting: purchasing alcohol for under age kids. Misdemeanor. My duis were in two different counties. How severe are my penalties? (Sacramento)
The fines alone for furnishing alcohol to minors are very high. This could also be treated as a violation of two...
I just got out of prison. I did 4 1/2 years at California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility for DUI with injury.
Why do I still need to take the 18 month DUI class and have lock on my car? Thank you
You probably do just because that was the court's order (as well as the DMV's requirement). Not all requirements of...
What should i do or bring for first court date on my first offence ever.
Dui wrecked my car only one involved
DO: - Request a DMV Hearing within 10 days from arrest. - Consult with 2-3 attorneys - Hire 1 of those attorneys....
DUI - How long after a arrest must you be arraigned?
Reported to court on day stated. I was not on the calendar and was given a document that said I appeared for arraignment. Waited six months until I received notice to appear again.
The statue of limitations to file a misdemeanor DUI is 12 months. Sounds like this filing is well within that. You...