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Can I obtain a driver's license in Texas when my New York license is suspended because of a DWI?
I have a friend that lives in Texas and I would like to relocate to Texas. I just received a AOS degree in HVAC and am certified. There are plenty of jobs for this in Texas and I would need a license to pursue this field of expertise.
Not until you clear the suspension in New York. All 50 states honor each other's driver's license suspensions.
What to expect the verdict will be in court?
I got pulled over and was issued a dwi, dwai, auo in the second and speeding. My bail was $500. I have court soon and have had a dwi 6 years ago too. I also owe on a fine.
You are not going to trial that quickly are you? Do you have an attorney and if you don't, hire one as soon as...
Do I need my attorney to petition the court for removal of my ingnition interlock device?
I was convicted of Aggravated DWI in New York State. The judge ruled that I have the device for one year, but said that I could petition to have it removed after six months. Am I able to petition the court myself, or does my lawyer need to?
You are always able to petition the court for relief without an attorney, It's called proceeding "pro se". Whether...
Is there a time limit for revoking a NY license after a conviction?
I was "convicted" of a DWI in 1994 in absentia and I question the process because I was not at the sentencing and never informed of the outcome. I only learned of the conviction a few months ago via a self initiated records review. I called the court who THEN informed me of the fine after having to research the case. Then today I received a letter of revocation from DMV. 21 years later! At this point I'm questioning the legality of the whole process. I had no attorney and the case had been adjourned while I attended treatment, never to learn of the outcome until the past couple of weeks. I'm not only going to lose a job that I am up for but my current one as well because it's clear that someone in this court failed to do their job.
Generally speaking, no, there isn't a time limit.
Went to court. Was told to complete 3 month thc rehab then modify order after 3 negative test. Will I get custody back after?
I am on my 2nd test that hashe been negative it's been almost 2 months. Will I be able to get custody back of my daughter after completion?
Your rehab and the custody of your children are two separeate issues. You should speak to a family law attorney about...
I received 2 dwi 3yrs ago took care of everything got my license back a year ago now they just revoked it again
court waited 3 yrs to report my second dwi i had a cdl license is this legal
Can you provide some more specifics? Date of plea, what you entered a plea too? Details of suspensions, what courts...
I was arrested for Leander law dwi, no accident, no moving violation, someone complained about my driving.
My son was sentenced to 5 years probation , victim impact, 10 weekends in jail , suspended license for 18 months then had to put device on car for 12 months, $2000.00 fine. I did 3 1/2 months probation no problems and completed all requirements. Got caught drinking now re arrested for probation violation and sitting in county jail going on 3 months now. What will my sentence probably be?
The facts as you wrote them are not clear. You wrote that you were arrested and then write about your son's sentence....