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Was arrested for dui but was not finger printed can i say that was not me
Aressted for dui but wadnt finger printed can i say it wasnt me.
You can say whatever you want. The cop will likely ID you. DWI is not criminal in NJ. If there is a video not good....
How long will I lose my license for?
Dwi. First offense. I have cdl license and blew a .17
7-12 months for the personal license. 1 yr on the CDL. 2nd offense you loose the CDL for life.
Do I have to report this?
I'm on a conditional discharge and have been charged with 2 misdemeanors very similar to the charges I face that got me on the discharge. Do I have to report the arrest to my po? Or only after my hearing? I haven't met my PO yet and I'm scheduled to take a drug test in a week that I will pass. Their is a slim chance my new charges get surpressed so I don't want them to find out enless absolutely have too. Since I want to wait till the drug test so they at least know I'm Clean but I don't want to get in any more trouble than what could happen.
Your PO will likely find out. The prosecutor could notify the court where you have the PD. The judge could ensure it. I'...
Can I get a work hardship license for a suspended license for a reckless driving charge?
I beat a DUI case and the prosecotor give me a deal and turned a careless driving ticket into a reckless driving ticket and the judge ordered a 30 day suspension of my license. Can I get a work hardship license considering my suspension is not due to a DUI but a reckless?
NJ does not have conditional licenses. The careless should have stayed a careless. That could be grounds for a motion...
I passed the stand on one leg test but failed the walk and turn test can the judge rule a dwi based off FST?
I was pulled over for speeding and asked to do field sobriety test. My driving was fine and I didn't have any other symptoms of being intoxicated. I passed the stand on one leg test but failed the walk and turn test. How likely could be convicted of a dui based off those test alone since both test are 65% accurate in determining BAC above .10
In New Jersey, you violate the DUI statue if the police properly administered the Alcotest and your reading was a 0.08...
Braces affecting breathalyzer? Any cases showing breathalyzer results suppressed from court due to Braces?
I was arrested for DUI and taken back to the station to use the alcotest 7110. I have clear braces that I don't think the arresting officer saw them. I had eaten just before going out and drinking, I frequently get food stuck in the brackets which can absorb the alcohol after drinking. Are their any cases I can research that contain a similar situation? And yes I have a DUI lawyer I just want to explore every avenue possible, just in case a detail is missed by him.
Cases? Who knows? My dui expert believes braces can impact reading result falsely.
How long will it take for my probation officer to notify me of my saliva drug test results.
Days weeks I don't know. how long does it typically take for the PO to get the results back from the lab. I may need to hire a lawyer. A straight forward answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
The straight forward answer is who knows? Labs are very busy. However, I'd venture within 60 days. However, if you have...