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Do I have to tell an job application that i have a owi? It only asked if I have ever had a dui or dwi? I live in Indiana.
I am apply for UPS delivery driver and the application ask "Have you ever had a dui/dwi in the past 3 years? I wasn't convicted of either, I was convicted of owi. They never caught me driving the vehicle, they caught me after the fact but i admitted to driving the vehicle. I am wondering if i have to tell answer yes or no on that question.
You don't think they will run a background check of you especially with the DMV given you are applying as a driver?
I have a lifetime suspension of my drivers license. What do I need to do to try to get my license reinstated?
I had a failure to pass .08 in 2003, and then 9 traffic violations within the following 10 years. speeding/failure to come to a complete stop. My license was suspended for a lifetime as a habitual traffic violator in 2008. in 2009 I was caught driving on that lifetime suspension. No violations since. The original lifetime suspension was in Wayne county, Indiana. The driving on a lifetime suspension was in Henry county, Indiana, where I reside. That suspension was until 8-2016. But the Wayne county lifetime suspension shows as INDEFINITE on the BMV website. Please advise.
Take your driving record to a local criminal defense attorney to discuss your options. The driving on lifetime...
Could I be denied my Professional License? Do you have experience with someone being denied based on my story below.
I was charged with a DWI twelve years ago and pleaded guilty and did community service, attended alcohol classes, urine tests and meetings with my probation officer. The first disposition states guilty, with sentence of 365 days and suspended 363 days. It then says dispositiion 02: dismissed with sentence 0 and suspended 0. I followed all the rules and did what was required. I now have to write a letter explaining what happened during this time. I actually forgot I even had this charge due to the fact that it seems like a lifetime ago. I have spent thousands of dollars obtaining my degree. They also require official documents such as case summary, police reports and sworn affidavits. I don't know what I will do if I am denied as I just finished my schooling one month ago. I have never been in any trouble at all since this incident twelve years ago. I would really appreciate any sound and honest advice, as I am truly concerned.
You don't state what type of license you are requesting. But it is doubtful a 12 year old conviction will disqualify...
How long in jail for DUI if can't make bail?
My friend was arrested for a DUI and her bond was set at 1300, due to her being out already on a Child Neglect Charge, that is still be investigated. how long will she have to be in jail since nobody can pay the bail for her? Will they release her? in Indiana
Each case is dealt with on a case by case basis - She should request a public defender who then can advocate for her to...
How can I complete an Illinois DUI Program in Indiana?
I received a DWI in Illinois and need to complete a Level 2 Significant Program in Indiana. This consists of 10 hours of Remedial Education followed by 20 hours of group or individual counseling. I really want to get this started as soon as possible and do as much as I can online if at all possible. Where can I do this in the state of Indiana?
If this is for the Secretary of State, you can do the ten hours online at If for the courts...
How do i continue with specialized driving privileges
How do i go about keeping specialized driving privileges if i have my lisence suspended for another year by the bmv and not the courts (i was granted 6 months driving privlages. It was suspended for that time frame but now the dmv is suspending it again until this month 2017 for no insurance. What can i do to get or continue driving privlages
Take all of the documents and meet with the attorney who filed your original SDP petition to discuss. It will depend...
How would I go about changing my status as a habitual traffic offender in IN?
Back in 2006 I got a dui. This happened again in 2014 and 2015. The attorney that represented me on the later 2 told me I would not be considered a habitual traffic offender, when he handled the latest 2 cases. However, the BMV now has me listed as a habitual traffic offender, and I can't get my license back until 2026. I was informed by my attorney that the 2006 charge would not be held against me. All of these are misdemeanors. My attorney said that in order for me to be considered a habitual that I would have to had committed 3 offenses within 5 years. Obviously, 2006 is more than 5 years ago. When I spoke with him about this on the phone today he wanted to charge me a consultation fee for what should have been handled when I paid for his representation in these cases. Any help on how I can remedy this situation would be greatly appreciated.
Go to the Courthouse and see if the recorded qualification of rights was wrong. If so, perhaps you can file a post-...