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My Bf got a DWI on August 24 2011 and Still No Court Hearing. How long before dismissal in AR.
He has went to court paid his driving on suspended license that happened after the initial DWI. He has had the Interlock device installed and will soon be removed as of the 28 of March. Is there grounds for a dismissal because of the time frame. It has been moved 5 times since the initial court date was set after the violation.
If the prosecutor takes too much time, the charge can be dismissed. However, your boyfriend needs to appear at each...
This is simply a question about a friend of mine who had borrowed my car & proceeded to get a DUI while driving it. The cops did
This is 2nd time I have submitted this question. Your mess up has been turned around to be my fault. If I get no satisfaction this time will never use AVVO again. It is most unusual for you to make a mistake of this magnitude & then blame me for it. Here is what happened. Both my dear friend's cars wee DOWN. I allowed him to borrow mine. He proceeded to get a DUI. The cops did not take him to jail nor did they impound my car. I have ONE vehicle & obviously depend on such. My question is he goes to Court on January 9th. Can my car be impounded after the fact? Simple as that. Try not to let this get messed up.
I am sorry that something happened to your question that it went unanswered- There should be no reason for your...
How long could i be in prison?
I got a dwi-drugs, fleeing from scene, careless driving, leavibg scene of accident/ injury, resisting arrest. It is my second offense. My first was small possession of weed.
It depends on quite a bit. The DWI alone is punishable by up to a year in jail. The fleeing could be, too, or it could...
How do I go about getting my license back I got a dwi living in Arkansas with a Texas drivers license ?
I was arrested in November of 2015 for dwi in Arkansas where I had been living for a few months but I still had a Texas drivers license because I didn't drive much and I only really used it to buy cigarettes I paid all my fines I took the dwi class and the madd panel. I went to get my license back in arkansas when this is when they informed me I also had to have 180 days of enterloc that was never brought up until feb or march 2017 when I went to get my license back and so I wen I was going to get the enterloc set up they informed me my Texas license was suspended so I had to call and get that cleared up so I call and they informed me I had to pay a surcharge of 1040 a year for 3 years and a reinstatement fee so my question is should I get punished in both states none of this stuff was court ordered except the fines and two classes what do I do ?
Yup, that's how Texas does it. A good lawyer would have told you at the very beginning to switch your DL to AR...
Today Is the first day I have court I herd a lot of people say they get drug tested is it true? ?
I have gotten court because of my attendance issue in school . But never had a record of drugs or anything . I do smoke pot though.
I'm assuming you are in juvenile court. Juvenile judges have the authority to require drug testing. I recommend you be...
In the state of Arkansas if you get charged with temping with urine test and you are on probation.
If you are on probation and return for a urine test and get caught temping (trying to use someone else's urine. What can happen at this point? In the state of Arkansas? Will you do jail time?
It's entirely possible. Remember this: even if an arrest isn't done by the book, you're still in jail until it gets...
My s/o was charged with four crimes 2 possession of illegal instruments, a dui etc. I want to know if it we should get a lawyer?
My s/o had potpourri (the original package says the substances in it are not banned by federal/state law). He was charged with a pipe that only had the potpourri in it. He was given a urine screen that he will pass. He was on the phone pulled over on the side of the road when the homeowner called the cops. They didn't ask to search his vehicle nor did they give him any sobriety test, and they didn't tell him what he was arrested for. What is my best option.
Would you handle your own dental problem by drilling your own tooth, or would you go to see a dentist? Criminal...