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Wondering if I get a hardship license, and then after my 90 days of my license being suspended, if I still have to carry this hardship license for a year?
If you are on probation for a DUI, you are ineligible for a hardship license in Indiana.
I was charged with my second owi. Sixyears ago i had a cocaine charge they have filled habit sub abuser, i hold a cdl wat can i do not to lose my cdl for life
Specific recommendations will need to depend on a more detailed investigation of your driving record and criminal...
This was a second dui in 5 years. My attorney had told me that I could get it reduced when I was sentenced 3 years ago after I completed my probation which is up in Oct 2011
You should go back and ask your attorney. Your attorney knows your case better than any of us. If your attorney said...
but i dont wan to do that.What will they do to me in Ill.
Find another lawyer to represent you.
This is my second OWI within 5 years making it a D Felony. I also already have one D Felony on my record for a theft conviction.
Indiana Code 7.1-3-18-9 states that your premit will not be renewed if you have 2 convictions for OVWI and that the ABC...
Sentenced to one year of probation. Passed all monthly drug/alcohol tests.
You can always ask, but expect resistance from the prosecutor. Usually, if your plea agreement calls for a specific...
absentia six weeks ago, gave me what I have to do, but isn't clear about abiding by GA laws or IN.
Your question is a big confusing. You handle the DUI by hiring a GA attorney, which it seems as though you already have....