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Will I get a Dui or will I be charged with anything?
I was driving home late after having a few drink at a friends house. I ended up rolling my car into a ditch. The police were called by a witness and I was given a field sobriety test and then later taken to the hospital for a blood test. After the blood test the officer let me go. I was not arrested. I understand that it takes about 6 weeks for the lab results to get back, but I'm still uncertain about what's going to happen next.
Since we don't know what you mean by "a few drinks," none of us can really answer that question. If your BAC was over ....
Can Morgan county drug test me before final trial
I was pulled over I had been drinking and had a little weed
Who is trying to drug test you-- DCS or the State?
If you are on probation for third Dui can you drink in bars and at home
Someone. I know frequent bars all week and is getting drunk at home.
Whether a probationer can visit bars or drink at all depends upon the conditions of probation ordered by the judge. "No...
If you have a hardship license are you allowed to drive anywhere
I know someone who is on there third Dui and on probation and drinking and driving and going to bars
The regulations of a hardship license in Morgan County are case specific. Sometimes they can give the person unlimited...
Is it permissible for a judge to sua sponte threaten me, call me a "drunk" or bring up my mental illness in open court?
Recently, I petitioned a court to expunge a misdemeanor DUI conviction; the court set the matter for a hearing & during the hearing asked me why she (the judge) should grant an expungement for a "drunk"? The judge also brought-up her recollection that I have a history of mental illness in open court, which, even though is true, was embarrassing. Further, the judge asked why she should grant my petition, to which I replied that I want to be an attorney. The court responded by saying that if I apply for admission to the bar, in Indiana, that I had better not "lie" about my DUI, even if she, the judge, expunges it, because, the judge exclaimed, she is on the moral fitness board for the Supreme Court & would know if I omit it from my bar application. Were the judge's statements & Q's legal ?
Well Judge likely right about not omitting the case from your Bar application. You likely still need to tell them....
How long should it take to get a blood alcohol test back?
I was arrested in November 2013 for OWI. I am hearing impaired and did not hear the officer ask me to take the breathalyzer test. The officer then told me I was going to the hospital for a blood test. Ive never been arrested and didnt know the protocol so just went. I did not realize this was considered a refusal. At the hospital, they drew the blood, gave it to the officer and it took over 8 months to get those results. Are they still accurate? I thought the longer a sample sat, the higher risk of fermentation and false positive results.
What's more likely is that the hospital had results fairly quickly and the officer just sat on his hands until he...
What is required to get a Class D felony DUI reduced to a Class A misdemeanor or possibly expunged from my record?
This was a second dui in 5 years. My attorney had told me that I could get it reduced when I was sentenced 3 years ago after I completed my probation which is up in Oct 2011
You should go back and ask your attorney. Your attorney knows your case better than any of us. If your attorney said...