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How worried should I be about my first possession charge?
I have a court date coming up, and my charge is possesion of marijuana over 10 grams. Max of a year in jail or a 1,000 dollar fine. Now the reason the cop pulled me over in the first place was for my light being out, but when we went too look at the light together it was working just fine. Also he omitted some things out of his report. How worried should I be? Will I be drug tested the day of court? My first offense ever with anything.
So should be worried enough to run not walk in hiring a local Criminal Defense Attorney and stop confessing on this...
What is the mandatory sentencing in the State of Maryland for your 4th D.U.I?
I'm currently enrolled in the Interlock Program. I committed my 4th D.U.I while in the program by driving someone else's vehicle.
It is complicated, but if you received your third in the last five years, you face a 10 day minimum sentence. It...
3 months left on parole got charged with dui will a warrnat be issued
On parloe for durgs charges
That is up to your agent and the Commission. Maintain contact with your agent and ask him or her.
Does a Maryland DUI transfer to Delaware?
I am a resident of Maryland and received a DUI, was wondering if this transfers to a Delaware license?
If you have a Delaware license, you would need to consult with a Delaware attorney to determine the consequences there....
Is it best to hire a lawyer DUI. Never had a DUI?
Christmas morning at 12:30am on the beltway I heard a loud sound and my car move left. I was thinking someone hit me I saw a white car pass me. I pull over no-one pull over with me. I got out and saw my left tired look burn. I call my insurance, family and friends but no one answer or call back. At 2:13 I call the police. A gentleman was sent to change my tired. He said I couldn't drive my car because of a damage. He ask do I want him to call a tow truck. I told him I didn't have money on me for a tow truck. So he said he can call the police for me to see how best they can help me. Police arrive close to 3:00am. I saw the gentleman explaining something to the police from my rearview mirror. Police came over ask me to get out and started asking where I am coming from and how much I had to drink. I told him I had two glass of wine. He did some test and ask me to breath in something. After he told me I was arrested for DUI which I did not understand. He put me in his front seat, took me to police station and ask me to sign a paper which I told him I will like to speak with someone before signing. He said I was refusing to breath test I told him I am not but like to speak with someon
Yes. You are at risk for both criminal penalties and administrative penalties asserted by the MVA for your failure to...
Can I complete my DUI classes online?
Are online DUI courses honored? I was arrested in Pennsylvania for a DUI and live in Maryland...due to a hectic work schedule, it is difficult to find a course that I would be able to attend without sacrificing time from work.... is it possible to complete my required hours online?
You should pose this question to a criminal law attorney in PA.
How can i find out if my release date was calculated wrong ?
I was in Talbot County jail when the JRA came into effect and it appeared to me as well as a handful of other inmates that we werent given enough good conduct credits
Send a letter to the Jail and ask. See what they say, if anything. Contact a prisoner's rights organization and ask...