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3rd dui but i travel internationally and am gone months on end. Can a lawyer push my court dates back until its dismissed?
Firefighter during the summer and I work abroad during off-season. I NEED to keep my license. I received a 3rd DUI within 10 years. I blew a .09 BAC I have already scheduled a DMV hearing. When I return to CA I will go into Fire season and will most-likely be unavailable for court. How long can I keep my case in court? Years? Months?
Cases can linger in court for a year or more. Sort of depends on the particular court and its culture. The DMV...
I was sentenced to a DUI, 1st Offender (M), with a BAC over .20. I was sentenced to 18 month DUI class vs 9 month for 1st time..
Full disclosure: I did have a Dui over 15 years ago, being it was over 10 years and out of state, it's a 1st time CA dui. I did retain a lawyer whom kept me out of jail time, no interlock, and a 4th month suspension(restricted eligible. He believes he can get dui classes down to 9 months. Two questions: 1) is it common for judge to issue 18month dui class in this scenario, or what are some good options to get dui classes greatly reduced? 2) while I am eligible to get my CA license back in January, it is contingent on 'completion' of my dui classes. Will DMV continue to extend my restricted license or are their other ways to tackle getting my permanent license back in the absence of DUI class 'certificate of completion'? Thank you for any guidance, advice, or alternate perspective.
It seems you're looking for second opinions. Speak to the lawyer YOU hired and who handled YOUR case. Sounds like s/...
First DUI charge, no transportation to and from school/work.
I got my first DUI about a month ago and my license is set to expire for 30 days. There is no public transportation from where I live since I live on a farm far away from any public transportation routes. Is there anything I can do?
After 30 days of the suspension you will be able to get a restricted license from the DMV. You must meet certain...
How serious could "Rape of Intoxicated person" and "Oral Copulation of Intoxicated Person" Charges be in my case.
Im a 22yr. Old Male. Never been in trouble. Work 2 jobs. Ive never gotten out of control when consuming alcohol. I control it very well. My Roomates and I had several friends over on a friday night. This girl and I hit it off right away, and had a good time. One thing led to another and we ended up having sex. She never said stop or no, nor did I force anything upon her. The following morning she seemed upset and didnt say much and left my house. She decided 6 days later to file those charges on me and I get an Invitation to County Jail to speak to the detective, And right away takes me into custody. Completely clueless on my first step towards fighting this. Where to start to be exact! Help.
It's deadly serious. You could be looking at a mandatory state prison term... then confinement in a state mental...
Can a petty theft misdemeanor conviction in CA be expunged if I received a dui conviction within the years probation period?
Petty theft 6/5/14....convicted 12/ 2014 Dui 6/6/15....convicted 8/23/15
It appears that you have violated your probation on the petty theft case. Therefore, you are not going to be able to...
Will I need to get an IID? I live in Sacramento County where IIDs are required but got DUI in another county where they aren't.
I live in Sacramento where Ignition Interlock Devices are required. That's where my car is registered and where my DL shows that I live. But I got a DUI charge in San Luis Obispo County where I don't think they are required for a first DUI. Will I have to get an IID because of where I live?
The requirement is based on the county of conviction, not where you live as far as DMV is concerned. If the court...
Do I need a lawyer for a drunk in public.
Had dui in Vegas 3yrs ago. And a disturbing the peace Probaly 7 years ago.
I recommend going with a lawyer. Allow people trained and experienced in these matters help you. Most criminal defense...