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Is a school administered breathalyzer test admissable in court for a public intoxication charge?
I was at a school dance and had been previously drinking with friends, I am 18 and my friend and I were called in into the office for "looking drunk". We questioned their motives since we had had nothing to drink for a couple hours, and were not feeling intoxicated at all, but they persisted we take a breathalyzer test. There was no officer present and the test was only administered once. We both blew low numbers on the breathalyzer, and I am now being charged with public intoxication off of the school admin telling the officer what I blew. Is that actually admissible in court? If not they have no other physical evidence I was under the influence, we both spoke as clearly as any person not under the influence and answered all questions regarding parents. But I never admitted to having drank anything.
No a Portable Breath Test or PBT is not admissible in trial to prove intoxication. A PBT may support a finding of...
How can I get information on my spouse about DUI committed in another state sent to me, to help plead my case of alcohol abuse
Is there a web site or state office where I can request copies or get case numbers of any DUI's offenses in another state to prove there has been a history of Alcohol abuse and driving violations
This is not the right forum to ask this type of question. For example, I am a criminal defense attorney and I...
Antabuse before conviction, is it unconstitutional?
I was pulled over for a DUI a couple weeks ago in WA state and I'm currently still going through the legal process, however, I am currently on supervised release and I was ordered by the judge to take either antabuse or a ankle bracelet that monitors alcohol intake. Real question is, does this violate the constitution in some form since I am currently not convicted? Innocent until proven guilty? or am I missing a bigger picture?
Does this violate the constitution? Probably not. Innocent until proven guilty... in theory only. Good luck.
Can I appeal my Duii conviction from 7 years ago in order to re instate my license?
My drivers license was revoked 7 years ago due to a third Duii conviction. The arresting officer was under the impression that this was a felony Duii due to the prior convictions. I refused the breathalyzer test as was my right but because the arresting officer assumed this was a Felony I was ordered by a Judge's order to have my blood drawn. I found out later that since it was not a felony offense they did not have the right to order my blood to be drawn. I would like to petition to have my Oregon drivers license reinstated on this basis.
I don't practice in WA, but it's likely WAY too late.
I need my dui reduced to reckless driving
I blew .14 Went to my first hearing and the prosecutor offered me the min fine and only on day in jail I went for my alcohol assessment me I was told I had 0 of the 11 triggers and was told I need to go to just one 8 hour class. I did not hit anyone or anything. I got caught swerving and speeding. What is the likelihood of getting this reduced to reckless driving? What do I need to do to make that happen?
The only way for a reduction to occur is to be represented by an experienced DUI defense attorney who will be able to...
How to find the best DUI representation
Speeding, was pulled over, was offered to walk the line. Due to medical condition and road conditions I explained that no time could I walk a straight line, he then administered an eye test. I informed him the was too bright and directly in my sight so it was hard to see the pen the whole time ( upon speaking to an eye doctor I was told this is called bleaching in the eyes and that most wouldn't be able to see the pen that great) he then said true around under arrest for DUI. I was taken in and held before they gave me a breathalyzer, never told me what I blew and was held for almost 44 hrs before being bailed out. Curios what my outcome looks like
It's impossible to assess what's going to happen here. Do your research. Your situation isn't uncommon whatsoever. It's...
Duii in Oregon with Washington license questions
I got my 1st duii this last weekend while in southern Oregon for work (I was not on the job at the time of duii). I have a regular Washington drivers license. They took me in where I blew a .14 on the meter so they had to hold me. I spent several hours in jail and was bailed out for $750. I am hoping for deferment if possible. The questions I have are as follows. 1. Is there anything I have to do before the 1st court appearence to try and get a deferment? Anyone I should contact besides a outside lawyer. 2. If I do get deferment how would I be able to drive in Washington and Oregon if I am hearing my license may be suspended in both states(WA hears of Oregon state suspension and follows suit)? My job is to drive to Oregon for work 99% of the time. 3. I seen a couple threads where people mentioned a "Administrative hearing ". I tried searching it for duii and it related but could not find much. 4. Any advice also? I know I messed up and I was literally a block and a half away from my hotel. I didn't drink much before this and I think this just sealed the deal on me quitting. Thank you in advance for any and all information.
Each state has its own laws. Since your case is in OR, you need to be talking with attorneys in OR. Your post is...