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Will the reserves still find out even though they have no reason to do a background check on me?
I am an army reservist and received a DUI. It has been two weeks with no word from my command. I have read that the military will do frequent background checks on active duty members, as well as a background check for anybody who is trying to get a promotion or security clearance. I have not read anything about the reserves doing routine background checks, or doing them with no reason to do so.
The DOD will eventually find out, if not within the next few weeks. It is not a question of "if, but when." The...
Do Probation KIOSK machines ask you to take a urine or saliva test if you are on for a DUI?
Just curious because sometimes at the end it says I owe money and to report to collection when I know I don't owe money and have even confirmed with them. I don't want to just press okey to a "report for testing option". I should read them much slower in the future.
If the kiosk directs you to report for testing, you must report.
Whats the worst that can happen for a Dui of Marijuana
Im 17 years old, and i live in California. When the inccident happened i was 16. I have court in about 2 weeks for this charge and would like to know whats the worst possible scenario that could happen before my parents start spending thousands on Lawyers. Thanks alot. And dont forget im a Minor, i dont know if they deal with these cases differently between adults and minors. Thanks alot -Sam
In juvenile court, you probably won't face time in custody, but you face a one year driver license suspension. If...
Should I fight a DUI charge in which an officer arrested me after my car was broke down and I drank while waiting for the tow?
Car broke down on my way to amusement park with friends. 105 degree heat with no water but a flask in the trunk. We were waiting for about two hours. I had no idea that a Cop needed to be there before we could leave so I drank it. Threw the bottle in the ditch. The cop agreed to give us a ride to the park and smelled the booze and I told it was me and he then arrested me after blowing .11% BAC. I'm broke and can't afford an attorney. Should I fight it. Oh, and my friends had no idea I drank the fifth. What's a guy to do? Thanks.
Yes, if true you should fight it. Not sure about drinking after driving since the other people you were with didn't...
Can I get my license in MN with a bench warrant/DMV hold in CA with a misdemeanor DUI charge in LA County?
I am currently homeless but don't want to come back to CA if I leave for MN. I can't even get myself to the courthouse to turn myself in.
Then how will you get to MN and have a car to drive? If you want a license anywhere else, you need to get your CA...
2nd offense dui , am i eligible for a license with no restrictions?
Hello friends! so i am little over 2 years since my second offense and i have not driven legally and never applied for a restricted license from the dmv. Can I bypass the whole restricted license and move onto a normal license since im beyond the one year hard time suspension? also will i still need to have a interlock device installed, since it states its mandatory within the first year? i am not finished with dui enrollment program and currently living in ventura county. Any clarity on my eligibility will help, thank you all in advance.
To get the answer, for sure, call the Mandatory Actions Unit, your lawyer should have the telephone number. My...
What are the chances of avoiding jail and getting house arrest with a second DUI in Ventura county?
It will be 6 years on July 16, 2014 since my first DUI. I refused to take a breathalyzer test and refused to give my blood when I was arrested for my second DUI. I am a full time student that supports herself and can not lose my job. How high are my chances of completely avoiding jail time?
You need to contact an attorney in your area. A number of questions need to be asked. The first is, why did the police...