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Charge with felony dui on 5yrs probation plus have 3yrs running concurent with the 5
while on probation was arested for crimanal intent an possesion in the 7th for controled substance qt 6 zanxt they gave me 3yrs to run concurent with5yrs dui charge plus 140hrs community service for possesion i completed 8week ddp program with dmv 8 monthes out paitient rehab phyce eval an domestic violence eval no treatment needed i was not violated for them charges lat week i relapsed my po did home visit he breathalized me he told me he wont violate me if i go back into treatment for alcohol abuse im in a hardship situation my mom has cancer im paying her bills i cant pay another thing i need to drive to make more $ im on ssi disability would they grant me jail time for remainder of probation an how much do you thinck ill get ive bin on probation for 2yrs an 2 monthes how do i do this
Unfortunately, the amount of time you have been on probation doesn't usually mean much on a violation of probation....
Will Nicotine violate juvenile probation new york
I get tested at a drug and alcohol rehab and they do test for nicotine. Will a positive for nicotine violate this?
Look at the terms and conditions of your probation or ask your PO.
If I have a conditional license will I definitely be reinstated at the end if I have done everything successfully?
My limited understanding is that develops will now look back at my records (4 drinking related convictions) and now revoke my license? Is this true ? Will they look at out of state licenses?
The 1st question to ask is why do you currently have a conditional license? Was it suspended or revoked? Consult with...
How did a 2002 DWI .10% alcohol conviction drop off my NYS DMV Abstract after 10 years & now reappear on latest abstract 1 week
How did a 2002 DWI .10% alcohol conviction drop off my NYS DMV Abstract after 10 years & now reappear on latest abstract 1 week ago?
theh should always be a permanent part of your driving abstract. The 10 year rule relates to the time in which a...
How can I go about finding out exactly what to do to get my license back, and am I eligible for a conditional?
My license has been an absolute mess for quite some time-I had 47 suspensions at one point, but believe I have gotten it down to about 20-something. Every time I call different places, they tell me different things. I know I owe a lot of money, but I need to know exactly how much I am looking at. Mt license got this way because of the lifestyle I chose to live. I now have almost 14 months clean, and in the last year, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and my father passed away very suddenly, and I am unexpectedly pregnant. I am trying to help support my children, and am finding it difficult to get work hours and get there on time. Is there any hardship or conditional license that I may be eligible for? This is by far the most frustrating financial burden I have ever had, and am ready to start tackling this. But I need to know how to go about finding out exactly what to do to get my license back as soon as possible. Please let me know what you can!
This is not something that we can help you with over a Q&A forum like this. This will definitely require you hiring an...
Is there any way to avoid paying DUI fine .Like hardship casa .Been 3 years without driving or working.
Last dwi was in 1980 .Then one in 2013. No accidents .Miner tickets
If you only have 2 DWI / DUI's in your past you should be immediately eligible for re licensing upon application. Why...
DOES ejectment has any "other tests to pass" besides title ownership.... no monetary , upkeeping/maintenance should be accepted from the party ones trying to eject?
i would recommend you sit down with an attorney to review this situation. This question has been on Avvo for 6 days...