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What would be the best thing to do? Should we fight it?
We got pulled over for a busted headlight the cop comes up to our car says he smells marijuana and we should just give it to him all we had on us was paraphernalia so we did. Told me and my husband to get out of the car they make him do 3-4 sobriety test and even a breathalyzer which came out to be 00.0 and said well your showing signs of being under the influence so we're going to take you in tonight.
You should talk to an Iowa criminal defense lawyer.
What happens if your boyfriend gets caught driving drunk in your car?
My boyfriend will use my car to go to work but sometimes stop for drinks instead of coming straight home. I don't want to be responsible if he's caught driving drunk. I would take my car away but he has to work so we can pay bills. Will I be held responsible if he gets in a wreck or stopped for drunk driving in my car?
Held responsible for him getting pulled over drunk - probably not. Held responsible if he gets in a wreck - absolutely.
I got a differed judgement for a first offense owi in Iowa does this stay on my driving record for insurance purposes?
The case is no longer on file on the Iowa courts online search.
I think it does, but ask your insurance agent.
Is there a washout period for public intoxication charges?
I was arrested for public intox. I've been convicted twice, 9 and 14 years ago. I know OWI's have a washout period. Do public intox charges?
This public intoxicating charge should be filed as a second or subsequent under 123.91. The look back period is your...
What will happen if I dont pay unpaid traffic fines.
I am 17 year olds. I'm currently on juvenile probation. At the age of 16 year last year I was drinking irresponsible and driving a car. After to muchy body kind of shut down I passed out behind the wheel and got a owi. I got 4/5 tickets that were never paid. I was told by the police today as I received 3 tickets, that I was put under the radar and it could have possibly came back up to the Trafficking judge. I am not trying to go to jail the tickets I have gotten today are Failure to provide insurance, driving while under suspension, and also careless driving.
You could be charged with a combination of simple and serious misdemeanors and face a pretty hefty fine and jail time....
Will Nebraska extradite for a misdemeanor?
I recently move to Iowa I have a misdemeanor warrant in Nebraska for a dui it's 4 years old I've been living in Texas since I went on the run and they wouldn't extradite me from Texas but since I'm only one state away what are the chances of them extraditing me from Iowa?
That's a great question for a Nebraska lawyer. Iowa lawyers are unlikely to know. Pose your question from a NE zip...
Can my probation officer revoke or violate my probation if I revoke my authorization for her to speak to my doctor?
I've been on probation for 5 years and have done everything right for the last three. I graduated from drug court last October so it's been over a year now, and have still stayed out of trouble. My doctor recently changed my ADD meds from Concerta to Adderall and my PO is pretty upset about it, simply because it shows up in a drug test. I know many people that are prescribed all sorts of drugs by their doctors and don't go through this hassle. She's making me report to the probation office in the halfway house every day now simply because she knows it will make me mad. Any help or suggestions on what I can do? I'm only still on probation because I cannot pay off all of my fines.
Rather than see her as "just trying to make me mad" perhaps she's trying to make sure you're not getting high on those...