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in about 1974 I got a dui in new York, which is now off my record. I moved to florida in 1976 and got 3 more dui's years apart. the last being about 9 yrs ago. my license was revoked based on 4 dui's but the ny dui is off my record now. how do I go about getting my license reinstated. years ago I went to all the classes and did everything I was supposed to. I have been sober for 9 yrs now. Do I need to go to florida to try to get it back or can I do it in NY. I moved back to NY 3 years ago. what would be the steps I need to take? thank you Ken
In NY - for the purposes of getting your DL back - DMV takes a lifetime look at your driving history and if you have...
3 months i have completed and graduated a month later i go to get my ds-449 and they want a drug test which wasnt bad because i rescheduled for a later date but since i graduated and have completed paperwork couldnt i just get some one else to sign off on it
If you don't get the answer you are looking for off of the AVVO attorney's. Use the search function and find a local...
I lost my license in PA for DUI's. While it was suspended, I moved to NY. I have completed all the requirements and have received a letter from Penndot stating that my driving privileges have been fully restored. Can I take that letter and a proof of address now to NYS DMV and get a NYS license?
Go to DMV and find out. The worst they can say is NO but I think you can get a license if your privileges in PA have...
I am awaiting sentencing , my charges are Leander Law ( Activated DWI minor in car ) ( E - Felony ) ( First time offender ) , Leaving scene of personal injury accident , possession of controlled substance in the 7th , U . P . M . , and changing lane unsafely . ( All misdemeanors ) . I spent 2 months in jail , and just completed 6 1 / 2 months in in - patient rehab , i am currently attending outpatient . My legal aid wants me to take 5 yrs Felony Probation , but that's my first offer . Can it be dropped to a misdemeanor ?
The prosecutor could offer a misdemeanor plea but it is unlikely. You can ask your attorney if the court and the...
Received my license back in mail today after it was taken away in court after getting a DWI about 3 weeks ago. Why did this happen and what does it mean? I had also been charged with a refused breathalyzer. I haven't been to court since getting my DWI. Thank you for any input!
If it was a refusal, did you give the license in at arrest/arraignment? If so, did you go to a refusal and if so, did...
The judge ruled that after alcohol program and time was "served", My license would be reinstated with the PO's sign off. This was due back Jan 15th, its been 3 months and my PO just shoo's me out of office every time I ask about it. Should I contact the judge directly? I got a steady GOOD job and did everything they asked and then some (I've been sober[AA] for 21 months now), If I don't get this back in the next month I'll lose the job due to lack of transportation. I feel helpless. I know I messed up and am on the right track and I have no idea how to proceed. Please help!!! (I really can't afford a lawyer, if there's any other option)
You cannot contact the judge directly but your attorney can and should. He/she should be able to effectively speak to...
I was charged with a DWI while parked at a gas station.The stated reason for police contact was "welfare check".However,I checked with my bank and the time that I swiped my card for gasoline is the exact time the officers wrote on my ticket for checking on my welfare 1:48 am-all tickets say "on or about 1:48 am".I pumped $20 worth of gas(5 gallons)which I assume would amount to a few minutes of being outside my vehicle while pumping gas.Therefore, if the cops approached me "on or around 1:48am" then they must have seen me pumping gas in my car-so their reason for approaching me to check on my welfare seems wrong-pretexted.Is this a defense?I also have another credit card transaction which was declined that notes the transaction time @the same gas station 10min prior 2 debit card being used
Can't hurt.