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What can I do to get my DUI reduced?
I had a panic attack while driving under the influence.. pulled over, got out and started walking. The passenger, more drunk than I, knocked on a near by house to borrow a phone to get help. Someone called the police. When I found my way back the cops were there and they searched me, did the roadside tests etc. I admitted I was the driver of the car which was parked near by. I didn't have the keys in my possession or anything. But I did admit it. The bac recorded in my paperwork was .11 I have no prior record and only 1 speeding ticket. Is there a possibility of getting this reduced?
It will depend on the Commonwealth Attorney and Judge. You need to consult a local attorney in the county or city in...
I was convicted of dui in the state of va and I was just told to do the dui course in 1 year , I havent done so yet ?
What can happen to me ? I had a son and haven’t had any money what so every or I wouldn’t have waited
If you qualify as indigent the court has the power to excuse most of your VASAP fees.
Violated felony probation with first offence dui
Hey i recently got arrested for dui and possesion of marajuaina . The weed charge got drop . I went and seen my po yesterday and she told me she had violate me for dui thats all she put on paper. She said she will call me in next week when i can turn myself in for warrant and go infront judge for bond .im currently going to asap class also a drug program thru probation. I work 40 hours a week. Im super nervous. Will i get a bond also what am i looking at? Will they give me jail time or maybe not since im going to all these classes and working. I just paid 2k for a lawyer for dui charge . Should i hire another one or get a court appoint. Answers are super helpful thank you!
Probably the same lawyer knows your case best and can advise you about getting a bond.
How does an out-of-state DUI affect my Virginia drivers license?
I was arrested in Illinois last month for a .12 DUI. My lawyer expects that I will receive a six-month suspension of my license and a suspended sentence from the Illinois judge. The six-month drivers license suspension begins automatically on January 25. Will Virgínia follow the Illinois ruling?
You have a lawyer---you should discuss the Drivers License Compact and states sharing and honoring each others actions.
How does an out-of-state dui affect my VA license?
Last month, I was arrested in Illinois for dui of .12. First-time offense with a spotless driving record. My attorney believes I will receive only a suspended sentence and six month license suspension. My court date in Illinois is April 30. The suspension starts automatically on Jan 25.
DMV in Virginia probably will be notified and suspend your license. Interlock may be required. Check with dmv as to...
WWhat would mitigate a DUI-D in the Commonwealth of Virginia?
I was taking my prescription medication and it reacted with a nausea medicine. I had never had a sudden reaction before and figured my 28 mile drive would be uneventful. However, this was not the case, the phenergan made me drowsy and I stopped at my local grocery store and was picking up something when a Deputy found me, arrested me and took me for a blood analysis (the toxicology results were below normal i.e. no abuse) Two days after i was admitted to the hospital with dehydration, pneumonia and low potassium levels. Would any of these factors show that the 'impairment' was accidental and should be reduced or nol prosed?
There are many defense issues for this case. Parking lot, legal medication, analysis normal, toxicologist required to...
Appeal DUI?
Hello, I was arrested for a DUI. I followed legal advice and entered a plea deal but am not certain I was given the best counsel. I had 2.5 beers, waited 1.5 hours to drive. I made a wrong turn because the tint on my car is dark and I couldn’t see the divider in a poorly lit area. I was pulled over and did not know I didn’t have to blow for the street test. Trooper did not give me an option. He also did not tell me what I blew on the street until later on but what he told me I blew (.0865) and what he put on paperwork (.092) is quite different. Trooper said I failed field sobriety tests too but both my lawyer and I feel/felt otherwise. However because bac machine at station was calibrated correctly and I blew .12 and there was probable cause to pull me over and no video of field tests, he said I had no case. This is my first offense and a clean driving record with no background. I am being told by friends and family to appeal. Do I have a case?
You cannot appeal a plea of guilty. By entering into such a deal you admitted to having driven while under the...