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How does a dui with bodily injuries
I got charged with dui and bodily injuries and they told me I could get time but it's my first offense and ebryine is alright
You need to get an attorney ASAP. Regardless if it's your first offense a DUI with injury can be charged as a felony,...
Would I lose my license if I refuse DUI field sobriety tests?
If I was stopped for suspicion of DUI and I refused all DUI tests, would I lose my license?
No. You are allowed to refuse FSTs. However, refusing them won't prevent you from getting arrested. You cannot refuse a...
Is there an alternative sentence I can get now instead of DUI classes in Ca.?
4 yrs ago I was falsely accused of assaulting an officer, out here in Riverside county you DON'T EVER WIN CASES AGAINST COPS. So since then I am constantly harassed by police, so I got pulled over like 2 yrs. Ago for expired tags &I had 2 other people w/me. After running my name she asked the other 2 to sit on the curb then asked me to get out & she cuffed me searched my vehicle and planted some type of pills in little baggies. She let my friends drive my car w/expired tags from Murrieta, Ca. -Hemet, Ca. When tested I came up positive for diazepam 2 points over the legal limit, but I also have a prescription for them. I received a letter from DMV stating it was irrelevant to them and I could keep my license. It had been 9yrs. 10 mos. Since my first DUI. But they sentenced me to 52days of house arrest, $2900 fine, & $542more. 18 mos dui class. All ihave left is $1100 16 more months of class. But the program runner remembers me from almost 10 yrs. Ago, idk why but she hates me. I got kicked out of program for falling asleep 1 time, I have ton of medical problems & mental health. Can't I take some alternative? I also have agoraphobia!!!
The classes are a requirement for your drivers license. The only alternative if you fail to complete is time in jail....
Can i get charged with a DUI days after my car accident?
My boyfriend was in a head-on auto collision accident 9 days ago. When the police were taking his statement At the scene of the accident my boyfriend was honest and told them that he had had some drinks 8-9 hrs earlier but the police did not administer a breathalyzer test, nor a field sobriety test. And although there were no fatalities the other driver and the driver's passenger suffered minor injuries and my boyfriend was admitted into the hospital. Today he received a call from his Dr and she informed him that she had just received copies of his lab results and medical records from the hospital that treated him after the accident and his blood test results show that his alcohol level was above the legal limit. Can he still be charged with a DUI? What should he do in the meantime? Will this affect his auto insurance claim? If so, in what way(s)?
Depends on California law. If the hospital is required to report the lab results then yes DUI. Time to find a lawyer....
Can I get a DUI charge dropped to a reckless driving with no alcohol related ?
I have been charged with a DUI in California and have plea deal down to wet reckless is it possible just to plea to reckless driving ? Is there a minimum and maximum fine for wet reckless ? Is there mandatory classes for a wet reckless ? Is there a way to expunge a wet reckless from driving record and or expunge points ?
The specific answer will come from your attorney after reviewing all the facts, law and evidence,
Will my set aside DUI still affect my car insurance?
I received a DUI in Arizona in 2012 and had it set aside about a year later. I now live in California. Can an insurance company still charge me extra money even though it's been set aside? I checked my California driving record and it doesn't show anything.
Regardless of the outcome of the criminal matter your insurance could still go up. If the company finds out about it by...
Dui question
I caught a misdemeanor charge in San Bernardino county for public intoxication and disorderly conduct and have court in 2 weeks in san bernardino. Im on probation in Riverside county for my third dui. I got 2 questions, how will Riverside find out I got arrested in Rialto, can a lawyer represent me without me having to go, and also the DA hasnt pressed charges in San Bernardino nor Riverside. Also can I get arrested if I do go to court? Thank you.
1) San Bernardino will notify Riverside of a "potential probation violation". It will be up to Riverside whether they...