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If i have pics of wife fondling kissing groping licking numerous women drunk, witnesses, lot more! Abandonment.
She left me 2 kids. For 2 years going vactions and trips with intimate girlfriend. Many friends witness and hear, my children witnesses sexual groping licking fondling sleeping naked door licked kids hearing moans. Drunk on wine every weekend group of women. Atleast 100 pics some very bad. Some bad on facebook. She filed false restrain order, proved court hearing, in court admits fondling kissing groping sleeping nude alone trips/vacations kids see sexual acts and hear them locked in friends room adult friend witnesses see hear her in friends bathroom moaning 30 minutes. Public bathroom nude pics, sex shop girlfriend buys her 100 dildo then buys her Clitoris piercing and clit ring half dozen vaginal creams prescribed for pain discharge gave me 4 uti in year. Sex talk with man facebook asking for bday spanking. Lets daughter look porn pics 14 yearold. Boyfriend sending dick pics numerous texts sex and dick talk what he done and do. Numerous lies on me and claims witnesses disprove falsified arrest report. Coroners 72hr evaluation order on her for not taking bipolar thyroid hormone meds torn up never evaluated. 17 years meds, 37yo. Deputy sex talk to her text. Law corupt bad help
Exactly what kind of help are you asking a bunch of strange lawyers on a general question and answer website that the...
I tested Saturday is my test results in yet
I'm taking clomiphene fertility just wondering
How would anyone on this site know if your test results are in yet?
Was passenger in vehicle which driver issued dwi2 unsure if I received any kind of ticket
Do not have good memory of all events! Remember being ask if had someone who could pick me up and being from out of town didn't so officer took me to my motel! I'm scared he gave me a ticket and I lost it and don't remember! Do you think that is possible or if he was going to give me a ticket would he not have taken me to jail?
Most likely if you had received a ticket it would have been for public intoxication, and anytime that happens you are...
Can you be arrested at your home and given a DWI?
I was involved in a minor fender bender with no injuries the car I bumped had minor scratch and she waved that it was ok. I came home and had 3 drinks. After 30 -45 minutes a knock at my door proved to be police who said I was arrested for hit and run. Went to police station and officer ask if I had been drinking. I said yeah, what s wrong w that? The hit and run was cleared up but he gave me citation for DWI. He has on police report I was arrested however I was not fingerprinted, no mug shot. A friend picked me up after an hour. That s how long I spent at police station. I consented to breath test which reflected I had been drinking. Can they do that?
This is not unheard of, unfortunately. The most reliable way to fight it is to hire an attorney, who should file a...
Can I be fired if I refuse a drug test?
My company does testing from a generated list of 10 employees. If I am not on this list do I have to take the drug test? They were testing today and I was asked to be an alternate. I refused. Couldn't figure out why they would need me as an alternate when all the employees on the list were at work.
People are generally "at will" employees and can be terminated for any reason unless there is a specific law against it....
How can they change dwi 1st I got 5-24-15 to dwi 3.haven't had one since 1-04.and dept motor vehicles says it's 1st again
I got a dwi may 15 2015. First charged with 1st offense. Then they changed it to a 3rd offense.hadn't had one since Jan 2004. How could this be
Can't tell you that without looking at your specific record. Sounds like this is a very serious case. Contact a local...
Is it legal to get arrested for leaving the scene, when the person is in fear? And DWI for drinking after she got home?
My sister Dropped me off at home and on her way home(which is less than 1mile from my house), Decided to go thru fast food, for a late nite snack!(fast-food place is 1/2mile from her house), while in the drive-thru(the exact time was 10:20pm,,,,when then people in the car in front of her jumped out yelling that she had ran into them! she immediately felt trapped and threatened, she searched for her cell and could not find it! (I had grabbed her cell, by accident, when I got out of her car) scared&frantically looking for her cell, she panicked when the driver of the other vehicle tried to open her drivers door, she put her car in reverse, then drove immediately back to my house. But I was on my way to give her cell back. She was convinced that the people in the other car was trying to harm her and she was alone with no phone! She then drove to her house&thankfully seen me. She started try'n to explain what happened,but was so upset I couldn't make sense of what she was saying. So I told her to take one of her prescribed anxiety pills (Xanax) with acouple glasses of wine. While telling me what happened, the police knocked at the door. They arrested her with leav'n scene & DWI.
You have a long story here. Yes, the charges can be brought. She needs to hire a private criminal defense attorney to...