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For a first time DWI probation in Ouachita parish Louisiana will you receive drug test
first time DWI .085.
Likely, but call a local DUI lawyer to be sure.
Is it legal for a drug court judge to order me to ride a bicycle to work if i have a valid drivers license?
ordered as a sanction for missing 9 hours of work due to a vehicle breakdown.
Judges have broad discretion in imposing sentences and usually can order whatever they see fit.
Can I actually be charged with a dui of alchahol undrerage if there isn't a bottle for evidence taken by the officer?
And did not read me my rights allowed a citizen to drive my vehicle off of the scene without my permission. also would not allow me a blood test after i failed my breathalyzer but i wasnt even drinking i took some cough syrup right before my arrest and also took 5-6 puffs off of my inhaler and i believe that it caused me to fail my breathalyzer test but demanded a blood test to prove my innocence but was still denied.
The officer does not need a bottle of alcohol to prove a DUI, but the officer does need enough evidence to prove your...
If I got charged with a dui of alchahol do I have to sign any paper work for me to actually be charged even my rights paper?
I diddnt sign any paper work whatsoever can i still be charged or can i get out of this?
Yes you can still be charged. Contact a DUI attorney in your area to help.
If I got charged with a dui and took a breathalyzer test and they denied me a blood test to prove my innocence can I be charged
They denied me my rights and i did not sign any legal paperwork and the officer did not impound my truck and did not follow protocal and allowed someone to drive my truck off at the scene and i did not give permission
Yes - typically the arresting officer chooses which tests to be administered and in this case, the Officer chose a...
Can cough syrup 44d cause me to fail a breathalyzer test? Also, an inhaler because I got charged with a dui and wasn't drinking.
I was charged with a dui and wasnt actually drinking, the officer did not read me my rights,also denied me of a blood test to prove my innocence. The officer doesnt have any evidence neither can i still be charged?
If you are charged then the officer thinks you exhibited signs of intoxication and perhaps you performed field sobriety...
Is there such thing as a 1.789 on a breath test and if so should a police officer take you to a hospital immediately after arest
The officer stated on my ticket that I blew a 1.789 on my breathalyzer test, I then asked for a blood test but was denied is there such thing? And if so why wasnt I taken to the hospital? Could that have killed me and I wasnt even drinking.
it was probably just an error. You likely were a .178.