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IIf I was found incompetent and now I disagree with the finds and ?
I was found incompetent and I disagree with the doctor now they set a date for the doctor to come to do I go about or who do I tell that I never said anything to anyone cause I was scared of catching another charge but I was high on drugs when I was brought into jail and the drug was crystal meth my family seems I need to tell someone so I'm not stuck with this incompetent on my record
First of all, stop admitting to possessing crystal meth on a public website whose records (including IP addresses that...
Can I get Huber in Racine wi if I was ordered to have interlock with owi because refusal if I don't have a vehicle or that runs?
I have job and paper for Huber requirements say I need proof of interlock if it was 2nd offence but court ordered interlock but granted Huber so I'm confused if I need it its my first offence owi with minor and refusal
That depends. Do you have a vehicle, or not? It does not matter if it runs. If you have a vehicle registered or titled...
Can I be given a municipal fine and a felony charge for same offense?
I was charged with a felony driving a commercial vehicle without a license and also a municipal fine for the same charge. It occurred on the same day.
If the charges are truly identical, no, but it isn't going to prevent the felony prosecution. If the offense is...
My boyfriend is parole. He hasn't has any violations in a year. And I think got a dui. Will his parole be revoked?
I called the jail and it's says no charges. But on the inmate location it says po hold due to dui drinking alcohol or other drugs.
A drunk driving charge is certainly serious enough to lead to a revocation, although this may be an appropriate...
a dui case, how far is considered too far for the police to take me from my vehicle to their station to do field sobriety tests
even though i already blew all zeros on every breathlizer they gave me at the scene..''at least three'',, i clearly wasnt drinking,, but went in the ditch on a unfamiliar snow covered back road, during a heavy snowstorm,, valid licence, i admitted to being tired and unfamiliar with the area ,, but certainly wasnt drinking,, now i do have 5 prior owi convictions,, all 5 were driving with prohibited bac,, ''alchohol'' and i went to prison did my time and never ever got behind the wheel again after drinking never will,, 2003 was when i got my last one, almost 14 years ago,, this case im dealing with now is absurd,, the cop said to me on the way to the station '' your not under arrest,, we just need to get you somewhere warmer and brighter to perform the field sobriety tests'',,i already passed three breathlyzers by this time, i totally already felt that i was under arrest,,he took me about five miles from the scene in the back of his squad car, and mentioned ''lee your a nice enough guy, but my aunt was killed by a drunk driverjust like yourself'', theres video evidence of this,,after field testing, they took me to the hospital blood tests, and jail, case was dismissed then re opened
The officer needs "reasonable articulable suspicion" that you have committed a crime to administer field sobriety tests....
Can a class i violent felon obtain license 2 practice medicine in Wisconsin
I was waived to adult Court for a group fight when I was 16 I have been in the other ffights or had any other convictions I want to know if I can become a doctor
My guess is that it would be difficult for you to get past this type of a felony record, both when applying to get into...
I'm still waiting for drug results
2 weeks ago I was cited for a 3rd. Blew .07. Lab results .072. I'm prescribed to oxycodone / percocet. Am I screwed?
Your alcohol results don't raise any presumption of impairment, nor will they support a PAC charge unless you were...