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Can I apply for a conditional D.L. in New York after Drunk Driver Program even though I have a suspended license in N.J.?
I desperately need to be able to commute back and forth to work and would be willing to even move to New York if I can get a conditional license even though I have a suspended license for DWI in N.J. Would this be possible. I haven't driven since 9/2010 and my life has pretty much fallen to pieces..Is there hope.?
If NY allows it NJ can't stop it. A simple call to NY traffic attorney to discuss your circumstances would help you.
I live in New Jersey now I'm being suspended from work. How long can this be? My manager got a DUI and nothing happened.
I'm a driver with this company for a year. I took a truck that was not on my sheet, I was told I was being insubordinate and suspended from work. I drove the truck all of a mile then returned it when Ck engine light came on. This is fine but my manager just got a DUI and he did not receive any sort of suspension. Is it considered discrimination? I reported that my manager has been abusing company time then this happened. What can I do?
The general answer to your question presents insubordination on your part and a valid reason for your suspense. Your...
Should my husband submit to a drug evaluation and assessment and drug test?
Okay so I'm on the methadone program completely compliant a bottle carrier no dirty urines during my pregnancy... Had my child and the hospital said that they had to call because it was protocol... They checked me out my prenatal care provider, my program, my other son School and pediatrician, and came out to the house and seen my home and interviewed my husband... Everything is supposed to go away or so I thought but then they came over supposedly to just talk one last time and said that they wanted dad to provide a drug test and do a Drug Assessment... Do we have to do this? Again I was the one being accused of neglect by having a baby that had Methadone in his system that's it... That was the only thing that was the problem everything else has just came about after them interviewing us... What should we do... I do not want him to do it but I don't want to look guilty help please
I think you should consult with an experienced family attorney or attorney familiar with dcpp
Can I sue for false arrest?
Here are the facts. My husband was driving in Newark, NJ in the middle of the night with no license(Yes, we are well aware that's not good at all but at the time, necessary). While he was driving, he was stopped by an officer. The officer claimed that, as he was driving, he threw a pack of 10 kilos of cocaine out of the window and ran because of it. He was thrown in jail for a while and interrogated frequently to confess to the cocaine thrown out of the window. There was no cocaine thrown. This was proven in the dash cam footage we presented as evidence. Now, they are trying to try him for anything from DUI to police evasion. But suddenly, the drug charges were dropped because the drugs disappeared. Probably because they know it never existed and had no case for it. My question is, do we have a case against Newark over the cocaine charges. That charge followed him for a while. The items he went into jail with also suddenly went missing along with the money he had in his pocket and clothing that I gifted him. His lawyer isn't great and when the charge disappeared, he said "don't go after it, just be happy its no longer your issue. " I think he's wrong. Anyone have any advice?
I would advise the same thing as your husband's attorney. Be happy that he is in the clear. Based on what you are...
Can a lawyer representing someone in a DUI be involved in removing them from their house via family law?
A friend of mine went to see a DUI attorney regarding a DUI they got and the attorney started talking about family law and having my friend removed when his father was complaining about his lifestyle even though he told the court during their arraignment this particular lawyer will represent him in the DUI case. He told me they asked him to leave the room at one point. I have suggested that my friend get his life together and go to AA but would this be conflict of interest?
If he's got a question let him ask it. You don't know what really happened in that room if you were not there. No, a...
My question has several layers involving probation for a DUI and Driver license suspension.
I'm currently on a three year probation with two year driver license suspension. My PO says she will request/ apply to get me off early but can only do so in October of this year. As regards the license suspension while I'm aware I can request early reinstatement I'm not keen on getting a drivers license for reasons I explain below. The other mitigating factor is that I am not an American citizen so immigration consequences come into play, especially since my wife withdrew the AOS application after our last interview in June of this year. My predicament is this, whether or not there is legal leeway that would allow me to appeal my immigration application to secure my legal status I'm weary of the process. Moreover its a costly endeavor seeing as its a legal process that will also involve other fees. My decision is to leave the country and start afresh in another country. Problem is I have already secured my visa to another country and would like to leave Oct. 18. Is there a way to speed up the early release from both the license suspension and probation as I would like to keep my October departure date and be able to do knowing any loose ends in the US are tied up?
You are not asking a complete question, because deportation depends on actual acts, and a DUI does not get you...
Can I escape any ramifications from NYS if I apply for a NJ License prior to a potential DWI Conviction.
I have a NYS license and recently received a NJ DWI.
Not without an attorney. Call a local DUI lawyer for a free consult.