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If my son is sentenced to jail. Does he have time to get his affairs in order
+3rd offence driving without a license. He got pulled over and is in jail,. I (MOM) would like to work with him regarding his living, financial etc. And can only do it with him available. I would ask for 1 long weekend.
If the charge indeed is operating without a license, if convicted any jail sentence will likely be relatively short....
Police license plate scanners and temporary plates
I read a question previously posted on this website regarding this same topic, however the answer wasn't exactly what I was looking for. It's not an issue an longer, but a few months ago my license was suspend and at the time my wife and I were actually using my mothers new car, which still had it's temporary plates on it. I never took the chance and drove it, at least until I reactivated my license, but the discussion I've been having with me wife ever since, is that technically, I could have driven the car with considerably less risk of being noticed a by police plate scanner, my reason being that; when driving our own car with it's legitimate permanent plates is scanned by a passing patrol car, it would immediately display to the officer all our information connected with that plate number, including that one of the registered owners, (me) had a suspended license. My argument was, that although the scanner may be able to read a temporary plate it would most likely not return information specific to me, but instead other information; perhaps related to the dealership and the date of issue, and such. Essentially, what information, if any, does a scanner return on a temp plate?
Do an internet search to learn more about the capabilities of these relatively new scanners.
Is thier a way to get around needing a letter of clearance from Mass. To get my Maine drivers license.
It's for a charge of drug possession from 14 years ago....I've never been convicted of any serious crime or oui or dwi and the warrant isn't extraditable. I showed to court for arrainment and missed second court date because of a snow blizzard.I just don't have the $ for a lawyer. This is were this gets difficult. I have no family or friends and I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I desperatly need to travel to medical appointments and I'm just in to much pain to walk anymore now that I have become would be nice to go fishing again too. Do I have any chance to get my maine license and just avoid massachusettes for the rest of my life? Thank you for your time
I must assume from the facts you gave that Massachusetts suspended your license for failing to appear on the drug...
Is it legal to have a cop do a urine test and not show you the results
My son is on probation and has a medical marijuana license yesterday he went to his counselling and was arrested because they wanted him to come down off the marijuana and his numbers were still up after the police officer got him to the jail they tested him again and never showed him or any staff at the jail the test results just said he tested positive for opiates so they have held him, we want to know if he should have been shown the results from that test since 10 minutes earlier he didn't test positive for anything except marijuana?
Although the prosecution in a criminal case is obligated to disclose the evidence that will be used against the...
If a liquor or convenience store scans your license when you buy alcohol can that information be seen by police?
I am on deferred disposition for a DUI than prohibits me from drinking or buying alcohol. I recently went to dinner at a friends parents house and bought a bottle of wine to bring without thinking because I wasn't personally planning on drinking. I am almost a year sober and my sentence is almost up so I'm wondering if they will see this when I go back to court.
It is possible, but unlikely. The information is not uploaded to a central governmental computer if that is your...
What happens to my driving record if I'm dismissed of an OUI in court but not through the state motor vehicles department?
I had an OUI dismissed, but the laws of my state allow the Secretary of State/Bureau of Motor vehicles to give me the penalties separately, as if I had been found/pleaded guilty (based on breathalyzer results). My question is, even though my criminal record is clear of the charge, will my driving record ever clean up from it? I've noticed when looking for auto insurance quotes, they can be vague as to whether they're looking for convictions or just your driving record (or both). Thanks in advance.
The administrative suspension will remain on your driving record.
Hello-I wanted to know if I had a few dui's over 20 years ago if I can still get my CDL in the state of Maine
I am currently in a CDL Program at NTI in Bangor Maine and while running the background check we found that my privilege to drive in the state of Massachusetts was revoked from DUI's over 20 years ago. I have had my license in both the state of RI and ME over the past 20 years and do not have any violations of this type and have not had anything major either since that time. Can I still get my CDL in the State of Maine and drive in the State of Massachusetts as long as I get my privileges in that state reinstated? Thank you for your assistance with this request.
Only agency to answer this is the licensing agency for getting a CDL call and ask or go online to see if your are...