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When a person get booked for drunk driver and have cause an accident.
damaging two cars and injured one of the drivers .is that consider as a misdemeanor.
Yeah, but the results of his BAC and officer's observations can be used in a civil case against the person relating to...
What to do to prevent police mistake my learning disability for me being on drugs and driving?
Last summer I was arrested for DUI when I wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They took a breath test and got a 0.00, then the police mistaked me for being on drugs and made me take a drug test. Test came back negative and case was rejected. The reason why they thought I was on drugs was because of my learning disability high functioning autism or asperger syndrome. Now I have a note from my regional center counselor that explains my disability. My question is that now that I have a note that explains my situation how can it protect me from being rearrested and hypathetically lets say I have to take medication or medical marijuana and drive days after taking the drug and get pulled over. Are the cops allowed to drug test me since my note explains why I might seem impared?
I would carry that letter with you at all times. Hopefully the police, if they stop you, will afford you the courtesy...
How long does a DUI stay on your driving record?
I received a DUI in 1997. I went to prison on another issue. I just got released from prison on 4/03/17. I went to apply for a renewal and the DMV said they had no record of me completing a DUI program. Before I went to prison I completed a 3 month program. This was a court mandated program. I have been in prison for 20 yrs. The program no longer is exists. The DMV is saying I have to take a program over again. Do I have to take it over again. After all I am well past the statue of limitation of 10 yrs.
If the DMV is requiring proof of the program, then you'll need to provide it. Consider going to the courthouse and or...
Is expungement possible with 2 DUI's?
I have 2 dui's on my record. One occurred in 2002, and one in 2015. I'm wondering what my chances are for getting one or both expunged. I have one more year left on my probation for my last DUI. I completed probation with no problems on my first one, and the same it will be for this last one. I've had no other run ins with the law aside from these. Also, I've quit drinking entirely and have been attended weekly AA meetings. Would this be any help to demonstrate that I've learned from my prior mistakes? Thank you kindly for any info/advice.
As long as you successfully complete probation, you should be eligible. You are not eligible, however, until you are no...
Bench warrant for DUI, Jail time?
I was supposed to go to court to turn in my completion requirements for a first time misd. Dui on March 9th of this year. I last went in November 2016 to turn in my progress and instill had half of my community service, fines and 3 months of my dui class left. I had some extensive financial hardships and my living situation was messed up until early this year so I made no progress. I discovered I was pregnant in Feburary and had complications including a threatened miscarriage March 7th, 2 days before my court dated so I had to miss. I have still been experiencing a difficult pregnancy and financial hardships and living a distance from court (LA) prevented me from going in. Im finally going to be going in this coming Monday, I am 7 months pregnant and so afraid of being jailed. If I show my medical records and such is it still likely that I'll go to jail? If so would I have to do my time immediately? I know I shouldn't have lagged this but things have been so difficult. I know it's my own fault..
Be prepared with medical proof of why you didn't appear in court or make progress. Since this is a Misdemeanor, your...
After a DUI - can I switch lawyers after the first lawyer files for a DMV hearing? no retainer given yet?
My fiancé got a dui last week and we know we have 10 days to file a DMV hearing...since we're on a time crunch (but def want a lawyer), is it possible to have one lawyer just simply contact and set up DMV hearing, then switch to another lawyer, given we haven't paid a retainer fee yet?
Yes you can. The new lawyer can contact DMV and substitute in as attorney of record. It would be appropriate to let...
Dui car rental?
Could I still rent a vehicle through my insurance after being charged with a dui but have yet to be convicted. I did get a paper saying I have a suspended license, but it says I have 30 days to drive before it turns into a suspended license. This paper was given to me after I was released from the jail cell in local police station.
This will depend on the rental company. Most major car rental locations will not rent to you without a current, valid,...