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I received my first offense owi and operating with a b.a.c. of > .15, a few people told me to take the case to court
My first offense and I blew a .19, wondering if i could fight the case or hire a lawyer or what?
Speak to a WI DUI lawyer. Merely knowing the blood alcohol level isn't enough information for a DUI lawyer to...
Should I be worried they will run my plates and send me an underage or anything like that?
Hello, I was at an underage party at some friend's land, yet I was completely sober. The party ended and I went home with a friend, leaving my car there for the night. Apparently the cops showed up after everything had ended (no one was there) There was only mine and one other car there when I came back in the morning.
I don't think so. Assuming that the car is registered to you, there might be an inference that you were at the party....
Just wandering if it pays to hire a lawyer to get out of the breathalyzer in my vehicle? And about how much does a lawyer cost?
Owi, blew a 1.9, male 42 yrs old and it's my first offense
1. You will not get out of the IID (breathalyzer) without a lawyer. 2. You may not get out of it with one but your...
Is there a statue of limitations to give someone an OWI fine?
I just got a fine for an OWI from 1996. Is there a statue of limitation for fines. I have never had my license suspended and have even had my CDL over these 20 years.
"I just got a fine for OWI from 1996." Who says? A collection agency? The court? Do you owe the fine?
Is there any mandatory jail time for 2nd DWI in WI? Have completed 28 day inpatient Alcohol Rehab, btw.
see above
Yes, among other mandatory consequences. Getting the help you need was a good first step. Now you need to get yourself...
I received my third owi this January and this past weekend i received my fourth owi. What is my best option to reduce my owi.
I am currently enrolled in an IDIP program and i was released from drug and alcohol counseling just weeks ago. My third i refused a breathalyser and blood test supposedly but this time i felt i must cooperate since i am looking at a felony charge i consented to everything breathalyser blood-test and search of my vehicle they said they would get a warrant either way. I go back to court for my fourth offense Oct. 6th in Washburn county and i shall finish my IDIP program before Oct. 15 which is my court date for my third offense in Chippewa county. What are my best options what is my worst outcome can i get this reduced are there any attorneys that can help or take payments. I also am enrolling back into my drug and alcohol counseling tomorrow.
There are a lot of moving parts to your situation. Don't post any more info about your cases. First thing in the...
Had representation and entered a guilty plea and the judge did not accept it yet and now I'd like to fight it. How to withdraw?
After learning the WI Supreme Court overturned Kristin Haanstad's DUI case stating "simply sitting in the driver's seat of a parked running car doesn't constitute DUI. the court ruled there has to be evidence someone operated a vehicle to be convicted under WI law. I woke up in the passenger seat of my car as it was parked on the shoulder of a country road. Not knowing at the time how I got there and very afraid, I moved to the drivers seat and just sat there knowing I couldn't drive and fell asleep. 2 cop cars arrived and woke me. Neither offered medical attention though I had no idea what happened. I've still never admitted to driving. I would like to know how to withdraw my plea and hire a real DUI attorney to take over and try my case. What're my chances and how do I withdraw?
that isn't exactly what that case indicates, it is more involved than that; however, it sounds as if your case should...