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My boyfriend got a dui for smoking marijuana ?
He also got failure to wear seatbelt, careless driving and improper turning . What should we expext to happen in court ? He was taken to jail an was not read his rights , also he was given a breathalyzer test that the cop said was 0.08 but he didn't have a drink of anything an the cop didn't report that he did the breathalyzer test
The officer does not have to read him his rights at the very moment he is being arrested. That only happens on...
I violated shock and parole, what happens now?
On parole for felony dui but shocked out on probation. I failed to report in as well as miss an assessment. I had 120 days served as well as 90 and 90 days taken off my sentence for completing 2 programs. What am I looking at now?
You face the balance of your sentence. Hire a good attorney to assist you.
If I'm charged with a dui and I took the blood test will my license be suspended at arraignment ?
Took blood test, results aren't back yet. Charged with driving under the influence of suspicious drugs. Just had surgery 5 days prior so narcotics in my system
In general, whether or not your license will be "pretrial suspended" pursuant to a pending DUI charge depends on a...
Why am I being harassed by a drug addict and having their projecting behaviors pushed on me with intentional actions?
I do not suffer chronic fatigue and a harassing me with drugs (street and pharmecuticals)and pushing them on me.His co con spirators are all university persons or addicts and is also liking to stink around me with pooh smells. As well,tased in Alt.B.C. and Sask.He did personal injury malpractice-neg to me ansd had my relative as a tort. A landlord. Does defamation towards me.with a native.He and all m.d.are dangerous to me.
I am not sure this is the correct classification. I have read it several times and do not know what it is. I am sorry....
How much jail time can a public intoxicated charge hold?
I pulled over and parked at McDonald's I was tired and must of fell asleep because I woke up to police surrounding me
In Kentucky, public intoxication is a Class B misdemeanor. The law for Public Intoxication is KRS 525.100. Class B...
What would be the reason the judge ordered everyone that showed up for court in a courtroom in a single day to do a urine test
This judge apparently wanted everyone that showed up for court to do a drug test
When you say "everyone" do you mean only those with charges or literally "everyone". To answer your question directly,...
Was my attorney supposed have know about a drug test when I showed up for court?
Do I have any rights is basically it to say that I do not want to drug test in court.
A judge can make random testing a part of your bond. If you have been arrested for a crime, you can be tested. If you...