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How can my S/O get probation rather than time on drug charges?
Possision of drug paraphernalia Possision of controlled substances Driving on suspended DL Careless driving
Without knowing their record and what level of felonies/misdemeanors those are I cannot provide an estimate. I would...
How many times can a police officer make you blow into breathalzer?
Stopped and given DUI I am 16 only drank half a beer. Police officer told me I had to take the test and then had me blow 5 times so he could get an average reading.
Blowing more times doesn't change the reading.
What charges will my stepdad face for filing a false felony report on my mom while drunk?
My step dad is major alcoholic,although he is awesome when sober he is scary and mean when drunk. In the past my mom called the police on him for being scary drunk and he of course was arrested. He's always held that grudge! He recently even got a dui. Not long ago he got beyond drunk argued with my mom to the point of her locking herself in a room then cut himself and called the police and said she did it to get revenge. He doesn't remember anything but knows my mom would never cut him. I was wondering what his punishment would be for filing a false felony report (as he got her arrested for aggrieved assault which is a felony)
5-54-122. Filing false report with law enforcement agency. (a) As used in this section, "report" means any...
Do I have to have an atty if I was assaulted with physical proof, warrant for perpretrators arrest and hospital proof?
Was hit in face twice, breaking my nose with a serious concussion. My glasses were broken. There was blood everywhere, even in my vehicle. I was threatened for more abuse. My family and home were threatened.
If you were the victim, then why were you arrested? I'm guessing that there is more to this story than meets the eye....
I have two dwi's that have fallen off record in AR but just got one in MO will it count as a 1?
Dwi in AR has fallen off record just got one in MO will it count as a 1
Repost this question in Missouri so someone licensed there can answer based on their laws. Arkansas looks back 5 years,...
How can my cdl license be suspended from 2010 now, but never any suspension on record until now?
Stopped and issued ticket for traffic violation 3 weeks ago. Last nite i was stopped by same cop for no reason, but after running my license says they are suspended from 2010. He said administration suspended and couldnt offer any more information. How can they be suspended for something in 2010 now 8yrs later??
Best case scenario: data-entry error. Contact the office of Driver Control to request a copy of your driving record.
Statue of limitations on DUI in Cali?
My husband was charged with a DUI 9 years ago in Cali. After completing a few of the required classes, he moved back to Arkansas due to a death in the family. There was not an option to move his classes/fines to Arkansas and there is no active warrants for him in California, just a balance of almost $4,000 (which has also been closed on his credit reports) We're trying to figure out how to get his license back, since it's been almost 10 years, we're certain the statue of limitations has to be close to being met and he will not be liable anymore, so we're wondering how to get CA to release his license so he can get it back here in Arkansas. He had an Arkansas license when he got his DUI in CA. So, his AR license was suspended by CA courts.
Call a local criminal defense/DUI attorney to fully discuss your situation.