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I've got Felony Revocation of Probation Jan'13 for non-payment and failed drug test, Hearing has been postponed many times. My
new hearing is this week 12/20/13. I've passed drugs test and done jail time to try to credit default of fines. also have been assigned 3 different officers since my (Revo).I feel my court appointed lawyer isn't working for me, he doesn't call or call me back, and when he does he always says "they're want you to take a deal". I've not gotten any new charges, and I'm less than 30 days away from supervision part of my probation being over. My Question to who ever can respond, Has my right to fair,speedy and due process have been violated by the D.A's office and probation office? If so due I have any chance of lawsuit if they don't release me from probation or send me to prison. I might need a real lawyer who care about injustices any takers?
Speedy trial is an issue sometimes but your already on probation. If it's close to the term expiring you may have...
What effect does a dwi have on obtaining legal custody of a child(niece) that is in the custody of dhs in the state of ar
my sister had her baby taken away by dhs because of drugs . i am trying to get custody of the child. dhs has told me that because my husband received a dwi 5 years ago i would not be eligble.
You really need to consult with a family lawyer. Call the state bar of Arkansas for a recommendation.
If I have a Dwi and then get a dui will they count the same.
Will that count the same as Dwi 2 or just dui 1
A second dui will usually have more punishment.
How can I beat a public intoxication charge when I was not intoxicated
two of my friends were walking they were hammered from drinking but I didn't even drink and all three of us were arrested for public intoxication. I could have passed a breathalyzer test but I didn't not receive one nor did I turn one down.
Hire an attorney to help fight the case for you.
How would a favorable ruling for drivers in birchfield v north dakota affect a breath test refusal.
I was stopped and refused breathalyzer in Eureka Springs,Ar. Can Supreme Court rule for 4th amendment protection for blood test and not breath?
There are a lot of ways SCOTUS could go with this one. Birchfield is actually a combination of 3 different cases with...
What am I likely to be sentenced on the pending charges?
I am being charged with DWI - drugs ( first offence), careless and prohibited driving, and possession of a non narcotic prescription medication without a prescription. I fell sleep behind the wheel of my vehicle and hit a culvert flipping my truck 7 times. I was not asked if I needed medical attention and I asked for it several times. I was taken to jail and spent 3 days until i was able to make bail. There were not drugs found at the scene and I was not under the influences at that current time. Yes there were things in my system but it was from 2 days prior. There were no other vehicles involved in the accident. Since the accident I have found out that I have seizures. I have had 3 since the accident and I believe that they could have been the cause of the wreck. I cannot afford legal counsel and I am being forces to represent myself. All charges are misdemeanors.
Ask for a Public Defendor. If you don't qualify for one, kep talking to lawyers until you find one that will work on a...
What places offer classes such as these. That's close to Newport Arkansas edu and therapy alcohol classes
Got a DUI in CO in 2013 it was my second one my prior was in 2001. I got put on probation and had too take edu and therapy classe. Which added up to 32 classes all together. Me and my family moved to Arkansas two years ago. I recently went back to Colorado to handle this. And the judge told me to go back and get in to classes there then come back to court
Call your local district court and ask who they use to screen DWI defendants for alcohol education courses. Typically...