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How can someone who was given a dui without any charges or convictions over 2 years ago get their license back in WV?
I was not in the drivers seat, I was found a mile from my car thrown out while another person was in the drivers seat of my car, Yet I was the one who was supposedly charged with a dui but they threw it out of court and never fully charged anyone in it. Although a cop wrote to the dmv in Charleston WV saying I drove drunk, and they took my license from me in November of 2015. How can I get them back and what would I have to do....? I really need answers
In West Virginia, as absurd (and tax payer $4+ million) as it is, the criminal court proceedings and dmv Administrative...
Why can’t you participate in the interlock program in Wv if you have a cdl ?
I was pulled over,failed the breathalyzer. I’ve been seeing that you can’t participate in the program if you have cdls.
Well, the short answer would be that the current West Virginia DUI laws, as passed and implemented by our West Virginia...
Will I get probation? Or License suspension and heavy fines?
I am 20 years old. Got a DUI driving drug impaired. Meth and Marijuana. I served 11 1/2 days in jail prior to my arrest. I got a new job, taking my Driving Defensive Courses classes and will Begin DUI classes soon. Been 4 months since I was arrested. Now, it had been over 24 hours since I did Meth(Can I argue I was not under the influence of meth, though I confessed? I was under the influence of marijuana, and was very nervous and told the officer everything) I met a man. We plan to get married. But what if I get probation? He lives in a different state. Whats my likely outcome?
Too many questions lobbed into one. Look, here's the bottom line: 1) Anything is possible, whether or not it...
Can a person with a second offence of .o5 who wva took his license for 1 year get a permit to drive for work only in Florida?
Had dui in 2014. In 2016 was driving and stopped for tail light. Did blood work of .05. dmv took his license for a year. Till this day has never had a hearing yet. Flew there from Florida only to find again the officer never showed.
I am changing the category to DUI, to hopefully get you some good advice. Basically, an attorney is your best bet of...
How long does Arresting Officer have to file DUI with West Virginia DMV?
I was arrested for DUI 7/20/17 and the arresting officer has not filed the statement of arrest as of 7/27/17 with the West Virginia DMV. Is there a time limit for him to do so, and if so what is it. What happens if the officer misses this time period? Thanks.
The statute says within 48 hours. However, our state Supreme Court has perverse that aspect of our dui code with its...
Hpw to make this go away?
My boyfriend got a dui whwb he was 19 he is now 35. The court dismissed the charge but the dmv has a hold on the license. This was 16 years ago, he was never told he had to complete anything. Is there anyway to make thia go away, thjs happen in west Virginia abd now live in north Dakota.
On Monday, contact the West Virginia DMV DUI Division in Charleston, WV at 1.304.926.2506 to find out exactly what it...
Impounded car on mistake still not resolved ?
We finally got papers from the DMV saying the license has never been suspended in the last five years so there for on the driving record it says they have never been suspended so we took it to the town and they said they would have to have a cop go over it but we have proof with state seal saying they was never even listed as suspended so shouldn't they have to drop everything and give us our vehicle back at no cost since they was never suspended according to the DMV
A lot more information is needed here. It sounds like you're talking about a driver's license showing as being...