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How can I get my license back,is payments available
I was visiting California about nine years ago my license got took for a DUI ,I hit a parked car in the middle of the night my friend called police that morning,police came to house Gabe me breath test.......present I have been locked up for six year unrelated case but once I was release and tried to gety license they say I owe two thousand dollars ,is there anything I can do to get my license back,due to me just getting out of prison my money is just right is there anyway I can make payments and get my Mississippi license..Thanks
Since there is a "hold" on your driver's license from the California DMV or other equivalent agency in California, you...
Can i get a DUI if the officer let me drive home?
I was in the drivers seat of my vehicle at a party. I had one drink earlier that night. We were boxed in by other vehicles so we were waiting for them to leave. My passenger was going to drive me home, after we had a way out of the yard we were going to switch seats. Cop rolls up asked me my name, what I had to drink, my parents names and how old I was (19). Another cop says all drivers are getting breathalyzed before they leave. My passenger was nervous because he had been smoking marijuana and I knew I wasn't impaired so I took the breathalyzer. I blew a .02 and he told me I could go and he watched me drive away. My question is.. Did I dodge a bullet? Or could I be charged with DUI or MIP? he never saw my license or registration. Never gave me a ticket or anything. The officer didn't write anything down. I was in a front yard on private property with about 40 other vehicles.
Asked and answered in the past. You almost certainly dodged a bullet, but you might still receive something later. If...
Is it possible they will give me a citation in the mail? What will be the punishment if I do?
I was at a party last night with my friend and their were about 70-80 people there. A girl made me a drink and I decided to drink it. It was kind of strong but I drank it anyway. Their was a lot of marijuana there so we decided to leave but our truck was boxed in by other vehicles. I told my friend to drive my truck and he agreed, but out of habit I got in the drivers seat. So we are waiting for some of the cars to leave so we can get out and then the cops show up. One cop came up and said they were going to breathalyze everyone driving and just to sit tight. Then another cop came and asked me what I had to drink and I told him a cup of grape juice with a small amount of vodka a few hours ago. He then told me he was going to breathalyze me and asked what my name was, how old I was, and who my parents were. I didn't see him write anything down, but it was dark so I don't really know what he did. I blew a 0.02 and he told me I could go. He didn't breathalyze my friend. I AM INCREDIBLY PARANOID THAT I AM GOING TO GET AN UNDERAGE DRINKING TICKET IN THE MAIL. I live in Mississippi and this is my first run in with law enforcement beside getting a ticket for running a stop sign.
You are lucky in the vehicle's driver seat you did not get a DUI. It is unlikely they will mail you a ticket but...
My husband was charged with a 3rd DUI. His lawyer is still working on the 2nd DUI charge. What are his options to prevent jail?
Full time employed and has contacted job regarding alcoholic program. What could be done to prevent jail time?
You stated that he has an attorney. It would be inappropriate for any random attorney online to venture advice when...
Can I be charged with DUI 2nd offense if the 1st offense was received while I was a minor and it was non-adjudicated?
Say a person received a DUI when they were 19 years old in Mississippi. The person blew a 0.06 and had the charge non-adjudicated. After said person turned 21, the DUI charge should have been dismissed and removed from his or her record. After this person turned 21 and assuming all charges from the DUI - first offense were dismissed, they received another DUI (currently charged as first offense). Can the court have this charge changed to a DUI - 2nd offense if they are informed of the person's prior non-adjudicated DUI - first offense?
Have I seen it Yes do I agree it is proper NO. Please get an attorney regardless for the offense. DUI is a serious...
How long does it take, on average, for a hardship license to be approved following a first DUI (assuming I have a legit hardship
I know there is a 30 day minimum period, but how soon after it ends can I get the hardship license? Does it take the court forever to approve the application?
I would contact an attorney to help you with your case. This is a very serious issue regarding your driving abilities....
Charged with DUI-other b/c of my prescription meds. Do I have a chance of being found "not guilty"
I was arrested and charged for DUI-other at a check point. Despite having my prescription on me, the arresting officer accused me of abusing my medications (even though the package contained a nearly full amount of medicine and less than two days worth of the medicine had been taken since filling the script two days before.). I refused to take a sobriety test and was arrested upon invoking my 4th amendment rights when they asked to search my vehicle. Also I was denied legal counsel when I asked for a lawyer upon initial questioning and again when I was requested to take a blood test, which I also refused. I was never informed whether a refusal would violate implied consent or not. That being said, do I have a chance of beating this DUI-other?
The answer is maybe. You need to consult an experienced DUI attorney in your area immediately. They will conduct an...