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In state of Nd what would the driving offense be if somebody was injured in a police pursuit.
I'm being charged with reckless driving extreme whereas nobody was harmed or injured and pursuit only took place in rural environment and short distance on how at that ended in my pulling over and surender
Depends on the facts... could be something as crazy as battery or attempted murder, depending on the situation.
Can they convict on dui if I was not driving but behind da wheel asleep
I had taken some pain pills for a severe toothache while driving...I started to feel real nauseous pulled over and passed out...I was awoken by a police officer and arrested for allegedly being under the influence....no blood test
Yes. If you had the ability to manipulate the controls of the vehicle you could still be convicted of being in "Actual...
Got pulled over for a suspended license, how do I avoid jail time?
I got pulled over for expired tabs. I have a suspended license. I didn't get arrested. I got a Summons To Court which I must appear for. In a moment of panic I told the officer I got my license back a few months ago and in reality I did not. My license is suspended for a DUI from a few years ago. I will pay fines and do whatever I need to just to avoid going to jail for even a day. It was a stupid move on my part to get behind the wheel. It's my first time getting pulled over with a suspended license. What am I to expect come time to go in front of the judge? Any advice will help! Thanks!
All you can do is hire an attorney to negotiate your case or ask for a public defender.
Can I drive agricultural equipment in North Dakota with a suspended license?
First offense and it looks like I will be able to plea it down to a reckless. However DOT decided to suspend my license for 91 days in the administrative hearing. I can get a work permit in 30 days. I farm and it's harvest time. I don't want to break the law but I do need to get work done. From the reading I've done I think I'm ok driving on private property but moving equipment on public roads is unclear.
It would depend if you need a license to drive this equipment in the first place, asker. Without knowing what you're...
Can my husband get deported if he has 4 DWI and a burglary felony
I am a US citizen and my husband was here in a work visa when we got married but he got 2 DWI one in 2014 and the other one in 2015 plus the felony he already had 2 prior DWI in 2005 he's under custody at this time waiting for a decision on the I 130 But we been told he'd just loosing he's time
He can be denied adjustment for the multiple DWI's and because they may be indication of alcoholism. Regardless of...
Why do I have to pay a $700 fine to the DMV of a state I don't get a dui in?
Got a dui in North Dakota with a Minnesota drivers license. At the time of being convicted I was a resident of North Dakota. Now Minnesota won't allow me to get a license in North Dakota until I fill out bunch of forms and pay them $700. I am wondering why this is? Why I have to pay a fine to a state I did not commit a crime in?
It is not a fine, it is a cost. Just as you have costs for a myriad of things, such as the actual driver's license....
How can police impound my vehicle ???
My boyfriend, who has a child support warrant and was said to be driving today and he's never had a license... An officer says he say him driving, didn't get into a pursuit with him or anything but saw my vehicle parked a short time later and said he was impounding it because it was involved in "criminal activity" ??? It that possible ???
Yes, it is possible to impound a vehicle when the person driving it was involved in criminal activity, and a vehicle...