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Act 34 criminal clearances
I am applying for a job and need act 34 clearances. I am currently in the ARD program (2 months in, am going to be in it for 1 year total) for a DUI I had 6 months ago. Will my DUI affect my act 34 clearances? Thank you.
You can do a check of your own record online through the Pennsylvania State Police website https://epatch.state.pa.us/...
Haven't gotten anything in the mail about my DUI yet?
I got pulled over for a DUI over a month ago. It showed in the local police reports in the newspaper, but I have not gotten anything in the mail for it yet. The officer told me to expect it within a week. However, it did not show in the police reports for a while after. When can I expect it in the mail?
It varies sometimes it can be a week, month, couple months, sometimes Imina come at all. Just have to be patient and...
What does "pending preliminary hearing" mean?
On the PAeDockets, my case for DUI is listed as "pending preliminary hearing" and "possible warrant." What does that mean? It's been over a month since I've gotten pulled over and have not received anything in the mail yet...
A local attorney should be able to nail it down exactly, but for me means that is pending for disposition.
First DUI, in PA, unclear about somethings?
I got my first DUI. The officer pulled me over, and I blew a .11. My boyfriend was in the car too, and blew under the legal limit so they let him drive my car back to the barracks, while he drove me in the back of the cop car, cuffed. I had to do another breathalyzer at the station & blew a .11 again. They fingerprinted me & released me to my boyfriend. So what now? Will I get papers in the mail? The officer said something about appearing in front of the judge in the area where I was pulled over, and then I can "take it to the courthouse if I want" What will happen at that first hearing? Do I HAVE to "take it to the courthouse"? I just want this nightmare to be over! Any advice is helpful!
Ot sounds like you are going to get charged with DUI. Probably a mid tier. If its your first offense with no priors...
Do I need a DUI attorney?
I was recently arrested in Butler County, PA for a first time DUI. I have absolutely no criminal record, and was wondering if attorney representation is required for acceptance into the ARD program?
Yes, you absolutely must have an attorney. It is required. In fact, I have represented clients for DUI in Bradford...
Pennsylvania 1st DUI ARD eligibility requirements?
I am a 29 yr old female and recently received a dui in Butler county, Pennsylvania. The night of my dui my BAC was rather high at approx .26. I'm concerned over my eligibility for entrance into the ARD program. Granted this is my first DUI, but I received an underage drinking when I was 19, and also was arrested on an assault charge approx 5 years ago against my previous boyfriend. The charges were ultimately dropped, therefore my assumption is they will have no bearing on the judges decision to offer ARD. Other then the two above mentioned issues I've had a clean record with the exception of a few traffic violations (speeding). My last concern has to do with the scram ankle bracelet. Is this something that the judge would typically issue for a first dui? ARD eligible?
Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and possible defenses. Many of us...
Will I be removed from ARD
I am currently in the ARD program and have been since October 7th. Part of the requirements to get through it was 25 hours of community service and have proof of that within 30 days of completion of the ARD program. I completed those hours but made a mistake and thought I was finished on April 7th instead of March 7th. I just received a letter in the mail for a ARD re-hearing for failure to complete community service. Again, I completed my community service I just made a mistake of when it was due is there anything I can do to avoid the hearing and if not is there anyway to not get removed from the program because of my mistake
Hard to say. Since you did finish the community service requirement there is a reasonable chance they will just give...