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How can I still get a DUI with my BAC under the legal limit? Is there anyway to fight this?
I was recently charged with a DUI general impairment, reckless driving, and careless driving. I was/is involved in an accident which everyone was fine and everyone refused medical treatment. When I went to my preliminary hearing I found out my BAC was 0.076. How can I still get a DUI with my BAC under the legal limit?
You misunderstand something. The blood alcohol content is a guide and once a certain threshold is reached, you are...
What could happen to me, I am sick and disabled.
My driving under dui suspension was up two years ago .but I drove a few weeks ago and got stopped,I hadn't payed my restoration fee so I junked the car and paid it the very next day. What could happen to me.
You should speak to a lawyer right away
I had a DUI 14 years ago and another 4 years ago. Are they going to try and charge me for 3 DUI's or 2.
I was pulled for suspicion of DUI after running my plate and it came back my license was under suspension.
The look back period in PA is 10 years. So this is a second offense. Not being naive is critical though and the CW...
How do I obtain a final disposition for a DUI in Butler, PA.
Needed for employment.
If you mean obtaining a copy of your sentence, you can go to the clerk of court's at the courthouse and they can print...
Act 34 criminal clearances
I am applying for a job and need act 34 clearances. I am currently in the ARD program (2 months in, am going to be in it for 1 year total) for a DUI I had 6 months ago. Will my DUI affect my act 34 clearances? Thank you.
You can do a check of your own record online through the Pennsylvania State Police website https://epatch.state.pa.us/...
Haven't gotten anything in the mail about my DUI yet?
I got pulled over for a DUI over a month ago. It showed in the local police reports in the newspaper, but I have not gotten anything in the mail for it yet. The officer told me to expect it within a week. However, it did not show in the police reports for a while after. When can I expect it in the mail?
It varies sometimes it can be a week, month, couple months, sometimes Imina come at all. Just have to be patient and...
What does "pending preliminary hearing" mean?
On the PAeDockets, my case for DUI is listed as "pending preliminary hearing" and "possible warrant." What does that mean? It's been over a month since I've gotten pulled over and have not received anything in the mail yet...
A local attorney should be able to nail it down exactly, but for me means that is pending for disposition.