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Do I have to take a drug test after dui drug/alcohol evaluation and I recived a level 1 mimninal risk. Will the court require it
I have taken a alcohol and drug evaluation and received a level 1 mimninal risk .... My question would be do I have to take a drug test now or is it over for that part.
Good news that your a level 1 minimal risk, but random drops could still be a condition of your plea. So your not out...
Why is my case bieng referred to public defender by a states attorney and I already have an private attorney ? First Dui
My case is bieng referred to a public defender by a states attorney and I have an private attorney why is this occurring? First dui case
You have a 6th Amendment right to counsel, which includes counsel of your choice if you are retaining an attorney. If...
What should I do about an underage drinking ticket in Illinois?
I currently go to college in Iowa and I live in Wisconsin but recently I got an MIP ticket in Macomb. I was wondering what i should do about the ticket because it's a required court date and I've never had a drinking ticket before. I know that I need to get it off my record but I hear that it is almost mandatory to get your license suspended. Also, would that report to my insurance? What kind of diversions could be expected for this kind of ticket as well as fines? Is a class a viable/smart/regular option for these kinds of cases? Should I think about a public defender? I don't have the money for a lawyer nor does my family. My court date is soon so any help would be great!
You really need a lawyer. Do what you can to hire one. If you are entitled to a PD, then make use of those services....
I got a drinking ticket and don't know if i should fight it in court?
i had received a drinking ticket recently and my court date is in a week. i was at a friends house and walked into the backyard to look at his yard when a cop had walked into the back yard and came up to us. He stated that there had been burglaries in the area and then proceeded to say that he had probable cause. he then asked for my id and told me to breathalyze for him. he had no probable cause that i had been drinking and i was wondering if i could have the charges dropped because he did not have probable cause for my drinking only to step into the yard because of the thefts in the area
You should hire an attorney and fight the ticket.
Did the Officers have probable cause to breathalyze me?
Me and five of my friends had a little to drink, I myself had a BAC of .03. we were walking through our college campus not causing trouble or being disruptive, I was simply showing my friend around campus. One of my friends decided to go under an information kiosk and stand in it because it was hollow. the rest of us followed for some reason and when i got out there was a Police officer standing there. none of us were stumbling being rowdy or disrespectful to the officer which to my thoughts gave him no probable cause to breathalyze us. he simply asked if we were drinking and not wanting to lie to the officer we said yes. Along with forgetting the breathalyzer and making us wait for another officer to get one he did not sign my ticket. the offense is underage consumption of alcohol
The facts of your question are insufficient to render a complete answer (don't reveal further facts here). You need to...
Underage Drinking Ticket, no breathalyzer, or actual evidence. Possible attorney?
Recently my friends and I were in our dorm room, which is a wet hall, meaning if you are of age you can drink, and a friend of ours who is 21, came into the room, and spilt his beer, and then proceeded to go to the RA's room to talk, and the RA assumed that we had been drinking as well and called the police. There was NO alcohol in the room , and we DID NOT take a breathalzyer, but we were are written a ticket for a city ordiance saying "Consumption of alcohol by minor". Our school provides a free attorney so we are thinking of meeting with him. How can we be proven guilty for something that had no evidence? Would getting an attorney help appeal our tickets?
Go speak to the free attorney. You have nothing to lose. Your witness will be your 21 year old friend. Good luck.
My husband harsh me daily after he get drunk since last 7 to 8 years. Me and my child are not happy with him.I want divorce.
What are my chance of getting divorce. he is wiu student. we are from india. since last one year we are here. but now it is not possible to stay with him please help me out. I am in need of help.
Speak with an immigration attorney. Immediately.