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What will be the most likely charge for drug possession and can it affect me joining the Marines?
Me and my girlfriend were parked near her driveway sleeping on the side of the road and we had a quarter of an ounce of weed and quarter of a bottle of liquor. We were not driving and the car was not on. A trooper knocked on the window and he said he smelt Marijuana and he found a bowl with ashes of marijuana on my dashboard and the quarter of an ounce of weed in a medicine bottle in the glove box. and in the back seat floor was a bottle of liquor. After he pulled me out and searched everywhere and patted me down and questioned if I drank. I told him I had a couple of sips a couple of hours ago. He then did an eye test and told me to drive back up my girlfriends drive way.
I'll retag this to criminal defense so you can get input on what, if any, charge(s) you'd be looking at. Any charge...
I have a PA CDL A and am receiving a DWAI in NY. How will this affect my CDL in PA.
DWAI is not a DWI in NY. It is a traffic infraction; not criminal
If it is not a DUI, it probably will not affect your PA license at all. However, I am not licensed in PA or NY, so I...
What do you think is going on after 5 months of my DUI?
I got a DUI on March 2, 2014 and was charged as a juvenile because i was 17 at the time and it didn't happened in my home county so my first court date was June 19 and they said they would transfer it to my home county and it's been about a month and a half and i haven't heard anything at all from my home county.
Have you been appointed an attorney or hired an attorney? Make sure to contact them if so. Oftentimes a Court is not...
Will I qualify for ARD program in Pike county? General questions, please help!
I was parked with card running and fell asleep behind the wheel. I took breath test and passed, but prob failed the walking/ toe touching etc tests. I refused a blood test, but did say I took a prescribed medication mistake. No passengers. I was not made aware by trooper of any negative ramifications of NOT taking a blood test. I have a completely clean record until this. Should I hire an attorney or try to get ARD on my own? Does ARD program cost money to complete? What do I have to do when in the program? Is there a trial involved? Do I have a criminal record now? Does ARD clear my criminal record if i have one now? I've not yet received any papers in the mail. Trooper said it will take 10-14 days before they arrive. When do you think I will have to be in court Thank you
You asked many questions, all good ones. But unfortunately, the only answer is - you should not try and navigate this...
My daughter was pulled over in PA for DUI. Can she choose a counselor or does she have to use the court one?
My daughter was pulled over in PA for DUI. She has to attend counseling even though the counselor said she knows she doesn't have a drinking problem. My question is can she choose a counselor on her own that isn't "connected" to the court
No, she cannot choose. facilities The court will provide a few that she can go to
Can I get a OLL while on ARD, even if my suspension is up to 8 months long?
I recieved a DUI in P.A. I had a suspended license when I got the DUI. I got accepted into the ARD program in May, and the judge said my license was suspended for 60 days. I recieved a letter from PENNdot stating that my 60 day suspension would be effective on 1/26/2014. Im guessing that this is because of my license being suspended prior to the DUI (the suspension was because of unpaid tickets, or not renewing it in time, im not quite sure why exactly it was suspended, but it wasnt for anything serious). My question is, can anything be done about the suspension, if not, can I apply for a OLL, even though im considered ARD - even though I'm told i have another 6-8 months on the suspension.
You cannot get an OLL for the 60 day suspension following your admission into the ARD program. There is nothing you...
Can i still attend a school tradition while on homebound?
Im 17 years old and I got a DUI and am now on homebound atleast until my courtdates. I know other people who have had my probation officer and he has let them have some freedoms here and there... I have a school tradition scavenger hunt for upper classmen next week and it goes from 5pm til fairly late... is there any chance he would let me go and maybe give me an early curfew? PLEASE ANSWER thank you.
Before you start worrying about a scavenger hunt, I STRONGLY advise you to retain an attorney to handle your pending...