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K-1 Visa sponsorship with two DUIs?
I want to apply for a K-1 visa for my fiance who is living in Moscow right now. I have two previous DUIs. The application form ask if I have three or more alcohol-related convictions. Since I do not - do I have to disclose this in any way? And will this present a problem in the approval process?
If you are a U.S. citizen sponsor, then you have nothing to worry about, unless you have already been diagnosed with a "...
Does it matter if I have a $1000 attorney or a $2500 one for a first time dui. BAC .11
I have been talking to a few attorneys. The general consensus is that I will get a pbj. In this case is a more expensive attorney ($2500) better than one who charges $1000. The more expensive attorney is probably more familiar with the county I got the dui in (Montgomery county, Maryland) Does this matter ? If I am still going to get a PBJ what can a more expensive attorney who is likely to be more familiar with my county do that is better then going with a less expensive attorney who has done cases in my county but he is from a different county (Carol county, Maryland).
No one can tell you whether the $2,500.00 attorney is better than the $1,000.00 attorney. You must decide based upon...
Do I need to disclose a nolled charge in a different state of I am charged with dui in another state
I was charged with misdemeanor (2nd degree theft) in DC and it was nolled on 7/1/2010. I have not had it expunged. I just got a dui charge in Maryland on 7/22/2015. Will the nolled misdemeanor affect the dui charge in any way if they were in different states
It is possible that the old case will effect the new case but this depends on MD law. For example, in OK, a prior...
Does an ignition interlock show up on a regular driving records check?
Interlock was ordered by MVA, NOT court
Yes, the ignition interlock shows up on your MVA driving record as opposed to your Probation Before Judgment record....
Crashed into parked car while DUI
My father's car shift linkage broke and he lost control because steering to the car was messed up, ended up crashing into a parked car down the street from our house, owner of the parked car called the police but my dad was under the influence, he has a court date, what can he do?
Contact a DUI attorney immediately for a free consultation. Bring all your paperwork.
Illegal U Turn Citation after DUI PBJ?
In September of 2014, I was arrester for driving with a .07 BAC. I went to court for that arrest in March and the judge gave me the PBJ. Today I got pulled over for making an illegal U-Turn. The officer recommended I go to court and talk it out. Should I do that? What will this infraction do for my PBJ? Thanks!
Request a trial and not a waiver hearing within 30 days of the ticket. If the police officer does not show, you will...
Could I be liable for medical bills if someone gets hurt at my vacation cabin while they were drunk?
I am contemplating allowing my daughter and some of her friends use our vacation cabin but I am concerned that if they are drinking heavily and someone gets hurt I could be held liable. We co-own the cabin with another family.
I don't know your jurisdiction specifically, but you may be liable under the "social host" doctrine. This can even...