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Can a person cry rape if sexual penetration occured while intoxicated
my ex is trying to break up with his girlfriend. she is 16, he is 19. He is afraid she will try to call rape if he leaves her. are there ways around this? She has consented for each time, but, she was intoxicated on the first occurance.
Well unfortunately, if he had sex with her when he was an adult and she was under age, the law looks at it like the...
Lost my driving privileges after 2 duis. I am eligible for a review, have paid all my fines, and done all paperwork yet denied.
I used to live in michigan, while living there I got 1 impaired driving charge and 1 operating while intoxicated charge. Both occurred in 2012. I lost my driving privileges. I paid all driver responsibility fees and court costs. I became eligible for a license review in May of 2014. I filled out all required paperwork for a license appeal hearing, including a drug test, notorized letters from family and friends, a substance abuse evaluation and all other required documents. I did this 4 times. Every time I was denied a hearing and now am at a standstill. What can a lawyer do for me?! Can someone please help? I am 26 and 8 months pregnant, I also have a 5 year old. I haven't drove in 3 years and i have a family to provide for. I live in Indiana now.
The driver's license restoration process is very detailed. An attorney who is well experienced at handling these cases...
MIP in Michigan with no breathalyzer.
my friend and i were at a friends apartment and when we were leaving the cops pulled in front of our car.. the cops were called because there was a fight outside. they made all of us get out of the car. everyone blew but me. i kept repeating my rights "im 15, you need my mom here to even talk to me or give me the test". They said they knew i was drunk cause my eyes were bloodshot. When my mom picked me up and they asked if she wanted me to be breathalyzer and, she said nothing and we walked out. this is my first charge.. should i fight it.. if so how? and my court dates today so answer asap will be most helpful
Ask for more time to consult with an attorney.
Do you have any information regarding high BAC and Diabetes? Breathalizer refused, blood test forced.
I am a borderline diabetic type II with an alleged very high (1.6) BAC I also have a host of other medical problems, and am on several different medications. Had two beers approximately 4 hrs before being stopped, arrested, and forced to take a blood test. I hadn't eaten that day, nor had I taken any meds (have to eat, then take meds). Had to make a 15 mile trip to go to the store for food, and didn't take them because some of it makes me drowsy. I'm beside myself as I know I wasn't drunk. How could my BAC be that high?
The answer to most questions like this is simply: "Maybe, I don't know, I need more information." Broad answers...
Should I sue for an unnecessary DUI arrest?
Recently I was pulled over in a small town in Michigan. The officer alleged that I was "all over the road" and that was his reason for stopping me. After questioning me I was ordered out the car, given a field sobriety test (which the officer didn't think i did so well on) and then arrested for OWI. My PBT was 0.00, which led the officer to suspect I was on drugs instead. Once booked, I agreed to take a drug test and while the results are pending, they will be negative as I do not do drugs. I was simply in an unfamiliar area and my driving may have momentarily reflected that which resulted in me being given a ticket for "driving left of center" in addition to the arrest. I was also unnecessarily held for 12 hours due to the belief I was on drugs. While I am sure all charges will be dropped once my blood tests results come back, I am sure that I was profiled for being a minority in a upscale neighborhood. My driving and criminal record is (or was) clean, I have had no prior run-ins with the law. I would like to sue for wages lost that day and impound fees, but I really believe the situation was mishandled and I do not want to settle for an "oops". What should I do?
they might be liable to you for a false arrest. Your biggest issue isn't liability but if damages are sufficient to...
Still charged with DUI?
My Mother was visiting South Lyon MI and got pulled over for her tail light being out. A road side test was conducted and she failed her breathlyzer with .19 BAC. Cop told her that he didn't want to deal with her passenger (was passed out and vomited) so he was not going to arrest her but car was impounded. He gave her a ticket for Tail lights being out and improper turn. Will she still get charged for a dui if not arrested?
If there was no arrest and no evidentiary chemical test was given, it sounds like she may have dodge a huge missile....
When can I go for a hearing to reinstate my full license after entering sobriety court in MI for a 2nd dui?
Michigan Sobriety Court and license reinstatement. I received my restricted license after 45 days upon entering into sobriety court. The wording is a bit contradictory as to if it is a year from the date of the license originally being suspended (the standard for not entering sobriety court) or upon completion of the sobriety court itself. I'm looking at moving for a job opportunity once sobriety court is completed and it seems it would be much more beneficial to try for this hearing before I move. Any input on the matter would be much appreciated.
A quick way to know is to get your record from the Secretary of State. It will list your eligibility. Since you do not...