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I was charged with DUI/ child endangerment. I was not driving the car but had my 11 yr old driving. Is this charge legal.
I was taken to hospital and had blood drawn. The state has taken custody of my child with temp custody to my brother. I went to court today and plead not guilty mainly because I was not driving. I have to be back in court in two weeks and need some advice
You need an attorney immediately Please contact an attorney now. I know myself and many others on this site offer...
At the time of a dui arrest does a person have the right to request a attorney be present during any field sobriety or chemical
Testing ? And if so what is the sub section law that states this right?
You may request an attorney, which you should do in a situation in which you feel that you are being investigated for...
First dui .10 in ms. Do i need a lawyer? What to except?
First dui
Yes you need a lawyer. DUI is a very serious matter that can have lasting effects on your daily life, and DUI is an...
Can my husband get a Felony DUI expunged after 16 years for Alcohol no violent charges
my husband needs a TWIC card for work & possibly a Passport he was working as surveyer bout 2 yrs ago & had to quit because ATF denied his explosive license he's never had any violate convictions and no wrecks from DUI no personal property damages or injuries to anyone
Unfortunately, a Felony DUI conviction cannot be expunged under Mississippi law. The current version of the only...
My husband has been locked up since 2010. Can he ERS with two dui warrants?
He caught two misdormenor dui's in 2009 in two different counties. He went to court on one but got violated soon after for other charges. He is getting ready to come home next year but still has two active warrants. What do I have to do to clear them up before he returns? And will the warrants effect him being able to get approved for ERS (early release) next year?
He will have to clear up his warrants and no way of knowing whether they will effect early release.
I was arrested for a dui on a private parking lot what can I do
I was moving my car out of the parking space and accidentally hit two cars. They pulled me out and gave me a field test I failed
You need to get counsel immediately and not discuss this matter but anyone but your attorney. I know myself and others...
If I hire a DUI attorney, is it possible to have my second offense DUI expunged even if I have a child endangerment & restraint?
I am attending my first AA meeting tomorrow, and I am currently trying to be admitted into an outpatient rehab facility because I am a full-time student. I went through a rode block and blew .19. Is there anything I can do to keep my license and not have my insurance jump sky high?
So, you have a second offense Driving While Under the Influence with a .19 BAC reading and running a Road Block with a...