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I got charged with a dui in ky. for my prescription medication
drug test says I had 500 ng/l oxycodone (prescribed 6 30 mg per day) and 40 ng/ml Xanax (prescribed 1mg x2 a day) and it also said I had amphetamine which I suppose is like adhd medicine but I do not take that so I don't know why it showed up. the amphetamine did not register how many ng/ml there was. would it be possible to get it amended to a lesser charge?
You should hire an experienced DUI lawyer to represent you in this case. Unless you have a prescription for...
My husband was on probation and had three years hanging over his head. He got pulled over and was charged with a DUI just by
taking his own prescription. They haven't even got the blood test from the hospital back yet and his probation officer revoked him. The charge that got him on the probation in the first place was theft by deception. He has five kids and a wife who loves him at home, will he really get sentenced to three years in jail? If so, that is so messed up because my uncle was shot in the head and killed while he was asleep, and the person who done that only got five years of unsupervised probation. The justice system here really makes me sick.
Under the circumstances you described, your husband should get a criminal defense lawyer to represent him as soon as...
Can one judge sentence a person than another judge go and revoke his or her probation
for example my friend went to court got sentence to 14 days incarsaration at home and 2 yr. probation for a 2nd offense DUI and they were on probation already and that judge did not revoke there probation can another judge go over her a month later and revoke there probation. This person has been clean from beer for almost 5 months now there doing really good in church every sunday getting ready to start a family. but now this all came up and there in jail because the probation officer said they violated probation by pleaing guilty to the dui so my question is what advice could you please give me im desperate and what do you think might come out of this they would have been off probation this nov.2010 and got the dui this jan.2010 can you please help.
I do not practice in KY. This, however, is a common situation. A person on probation commits a new crime. So now...
Dui in tennessee but live in kentucky
As a result of a fender bender, i got a dui in tennessee for driving on my prescription medication but i live in kentucky. This occured May of 2013. I have paid my p.o. in full but i still owe a little on my fines. I still have to take dui classes. my question is, do i go by tennessee or kentucky rules. No one seems to tell me what I should do. And when I do ask questions, i get a different answer every time. Could you please explain to me what I need to do? I also need to find an insurance company that carries sr22 insurance. The Judge agreed that I could get restricted license but do I have to go in front of the kentucky Judge to get my restrictions?
Ask your former attorney what you need to do to be in compliance with your probation.
Can my license be suspended in Kentucky ,for a indiana dwi conviction. I have a cdl.
Already had one dui amended down to reckless driving in 2009, caught the second one april of 2012. 2012 has not been resolved as of yet. Trying to keep from Losing my license and lively hood. In need of some help.
You need to consult a local lawyer in your area right away. Go to the appropriate tab on AVVO.
Got a DUI first offense + 530.060 (endangering welfare of minor)in KY. Never been in trouble b4 and wondering what im looking at
Was in wreck 4 years ago and went to hospital. Never seen any law enforcement and also everytime ive been pulled over or went through roadbloack nothing popped up. One day get seatbelt ticket and boom they take me to jail for a benchwarrant for a crime i knew nothing about. I've never been in trouble before except traffic tickets and don't know what to do.
As for the DUI you are looking at a 30-120 day suspension of your license a fine up to $500, up to thirty days in jail....
I live in Kentucky and got a DUI last year in July. I recently just got a public intoxication (not alcohol) charge....jail time?
Will I have to serve jail time since I got another charge within a year of my DUI first offense?
If you're still on probation, and the terms of your probation require that you abstain from the use of drugs and/or...