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What are the consequences of violating my reckless driving probation with a new DUI charge? Should I tell my probation?
A year ago, I received a reckless driving conviction (reduced from DUI), and am currently on probation in Snohomish County. 6 months ago I was arrested for another DUI. I'm currently on active probation with Skagit County for the latest DUI incident, and am also actively pursuing a deferred prosecution. I haven't heard anything from Snohomish County about my new DUI incident. Should I tell them before they contact me? What are the probation violation consequences of this new DUI arrest? Will a deferred prosecution help me avoid penalties in a probation violation hearing? Do the probation violation penalties in RCW 46.61.5055(11) apply to reduced reckless driving convictions like they do for DUI?
I am not licensed to practice law in Washington State, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in WA...
My son is facing a possible Marijuana DUI in WA state, but it sounds really hokey. Should we consult with an attorney?
My son was driving and a spider came down on it's web right in front of him he tried to flick it away and then it came back and he lost control of his van and hit a telephone pole. The officers came out and immediately assumed he was high, they performed a field sobriety test in a ditch. When I arrived the officer had him sticking his tongue out and flashing a light in his mouth (it was dark) and said it was green (his tongue). They said they were arresting him for DUI, he was not taken to the hospital until after 11 pm (the incident happened @ 7:00pm) for blood work. Also, this happened in May of 2013 and he did not hear anything about this until the end of Dec and just recently he was told his blood work was inconclusive, so now they will be retesting the same blood again.
Anytime you have to ask the question should I consult with an attorney, the answer is yes. If it seems shady to you,...
I have a dui warrant In Burlington Wa. I need a new id card. will I get arrested if I go into dmv, should I renew online?
warrant is from 2004..I've paid all fines.I was in phase 3 of outpatient treatment when I was incarcerated for another charge. Im going to take care of the warrant but need id now for employment.
yes if you can renew online that would be smart but there may be restrictions. dol will be able to answer these...
Ex-husband was to pay $15000 within a year of divorce but has not also my wages garnished for his non payment of dui fines
Is there anything I can do to get this take care of?
These are two (2) separate issues. the remedy for non-payment of an obligation established by a Judgment and Decree of...
Stopped for DUI but urine test is negative for all drugs and alcohol. Can you still be charged for DUI?
A disabled combat veteran suffering from severe PTSD and major bipolar depression has an argument with his wife, threatens suicide and leaves home in his car. The depression makes him numb, fatigued, tearful, feeling lost, helpless and suicidal. His wife calls 911. Police cars pull the veteran's car over. The veteran is confused why multiple police cars have pulled him over. He has trouble answering questions, recalling things, concentrating and making decisions which leads to anger. He repeatedly tells the police and ER staff that he swallowed a bunch of pills and blames his wife. Four hours later the urine tests come back negative for drugs and alcohol. He's held at the hospital for 3 days, then transferred to VA hospital for 10 days. Nine months later he is cited for DUI
Depends on the law in your state. The answer in Virginia would be as follows: I would be extremely suspicious of a...
What deals are commonly offered by the prosecutor in this situation?
I crashed my car. When the cop showed up I refused the first breathalizer and took one when he brought me to the police station. It was .045 BAC. I have no previous DUIs. I did have one previous misdemeanor which has been dismissed through the Washington State compromise of misdemeanor. A public defender told me that the prosecutor will probably give me a good deal regardless because it's my first DUI. I would like to travel internationally someday and am concerned about the DUI being permanently on my record.
Based on a .04 you should not be looking at a plea to DUI. Any competent attorney who concentrates their practice on...
Can I get my license reinstated in Arkansas where I'm moving to with a dui charge 3 years ago in Washington state?
I was charged with a dui 3 years ago, as well as violated my probation about 6 months later. I have been in the process of moving to Arkansas and need to know if it will effect me getting my license here.
Most states require you to satisfy all licensing requirements in the state you are coming from before they will give...