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If i go to behavioral health for a week can the judge substitute that for jail time in a dui in nc?
i'm looking at at least a week in jail for a second dui in 7 years but i have medical issues and wondered if i went to rehab for a week could the judge take that instead of jail time or could i ask for house arrest instead. Should i bring medical records to show the judge? Thank You
Yes, the judge can give you credit for the 7 days in rehab. Obviously if the judge sentences you to longer than 7 days...
If you blow into intoxylizer but too short of breath to make it work can you be charged with refusal to submit to the test.
i blew as hard as i could 3 times. the officer got annoyed and arrested me with refusal to take the test and dui?
The chemical analyst who administered the breath test can and often will indicate a willful refusal in a situation such...
When a license suspension thru court be apealled
how do I do this will I need a lawyer
Most likely you should talk to a lawyer. It all depends on what type of suspension it is, what happened at initial...
My name is derek lowe . I got my first and only dui back in 2002.I blew a 0.20. Thats been 12 years ago.
Can i get around haveing to get a enterlock put in?
Wait a minute, I am not sure what's happening here. Are you saying you were charged with a DUI 12 years ago and they...
Am I able to drive immediately after a judge signs a limited driving privilege or do I have to wait for approval from the DMV?
I will most likely be convicted of a DWI and I was wondering how the restricted license process works.
Assuming you are convicted and eligible for a ldp, then once the judge signs it and it is filed with the clerk, it...
Charged with dui and resisting arrest. found not guilty for the dui and guilty for resist arrest. Can I get first offenders?
I pleaded not guilty for both charges. This is for a car accident, the other party is fine. I T boned him in an intersection. The drug results show that I am clean. This is my first charge and I have already begun seeing the probation officer. I want this dismissed from my criminal record so I can pursue jobs. My lawyer recommended appealing the verdict to the supreme. Would I meet the requirements for the first offenders program?
Your lawyer is in the best position to advice you of your options. If he recommended appealing the case I think you...
H1 Extension after DUI conviction
I was arrested in Jan for DUI, and was finally convicted in May. In April I had to visit my home country for some urgent personal matter. While entering US at Port of Entry I was taken for secondary interview because of my arrest and then was admitted after few questions. My H1 is expiring in Sept and the company has applied for my H1 extension. I just came to know that my LCA has been approved with respect to my extension. I am taking my classes and paying the fine. No Jail time was announced Will there be a problem in my H1 extension? This is the only incident happened in my whole life. Please advise.
No, there shouldn't be any problem extending your H-1B under the facts you've given us. Have no fear. Talk to your...