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In Massachusetts, what is the plea bargaining and how do you reduced the license suspension?
We have court case and preparing to reduced the suspension
In short, plea bargaining is a process in which a person (usually the attorney for a defendant) discusses the case with...
How can I as the wife and co owner of a car, protect myself finanancially from a husband who continues to drink and drive? TY
My husband continues to drink and drive despite having a DUI under his belt, I need to protect myself financially. We did sell our home and the proceeds are in an account that does not have his name on it, however we both own our cars. I am contemplating taking him off our car insurance but not sure what the ramifications of that are. Thank you
Taking him off the car insurance won't protect you, it will hurt you. Insurance covers injuries caused by the driver,...
I plead guilty to dui in mass.probation for a year.planned family vacation in Aruba all paid for last year.can I go?
Just plead guilty for dui in mass have a trip booked to Aruba with wife and daughter in July.booked and paid for last year.first time offense no other record for anything.will I be able to be granted permission to go
This isn't likely to be a problem. Just talk to you probation officer who will have you go in front of the judge most...
First time oui in Ma $500 reinstatement fee and $500 for taking the breathalyzer.
My son was arrested for a dui, went to court got a 45 day suspension has to take the alcohol program which he is doing and everything required. He got a letter from the registry stating he can get his license back (the 45 days is up) for $500.00 when he went the other day he was told it is $1000.00 because he TOOK THE breathalyzer. Is this correct?
If the case was settled within the first 30 days, then it should be only $500. But if the 30 day suspension expired,...
A friend of mine has a CWOF for a DUI two years ago. How should he answer a pre-employment questionnaire?
Must he answer yes to the following question? (a) Are you now, or during the preceding five (5) years have you ever been, a party (plaintiff or defendant) in any pending administrative proceeding, arbitration or civil or criminal court action, exclusive of routine, non-alcohol related or non-drug related motor vehicle offenses? Yes No
Will clear your friend is a problem because he can't write his own note. Otherwise he wouldn't have you writing for him....
Can I sue someone who borrowed my car, got drunk, then totaled it and also a parked car?
I was friends with a girl in may and I let her borrow my car for the night while I was working. She wanted it to do her groceries and hit an AA meeting. I allowed it. She instead drove it an hour to get drunk and see her ex. I asked her to come get me when I got out of work. Waited 5 hours before the police called me saying they had her in custody and that my car, along with a parked car, were totaled. It was her second OUI. Can I sue?
I am sorry to hear of your misfortune. Have you been contacted by Someone from the Office of the District Attorney,...
Is an open container enough evidence to convict a DUI
I recently crashed my car, I'm not sure if I fell asleep but I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up , I was surrounded by paramedics who took me to the hospital. The hospital held me for 6 hours then realeased me. At no point did a police officer talk to me , so there was no failed sobriety or b.a.c. Test given. Also I was not read my Miranda rights. Today I received two letters from court saying I'm charged with DUI and open container , and the other letter charging me with reckless driving. I feel I have a case. What do you think ?
You need to hire an attorney. The government can prosecute you for OUI without field sobriety tests or a breath test;...