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Can I be charged with a dui for sitting in my car?
Ok quick question. Im drunk right now and locked out of my house. Fortunately my car was unlocked so I'm currently sitting in the drivers seat of my car which happened to be unlocked. My car and house keys are in my house and not in my possession. I also have an open container in the car with me. I have about 9 months left on my probation from my only dui. I've heard lots of stories about people getting busted and hit with a dui while being parked. So I guess my question is can I still be charged? Or am I ok because I don't have keys on me? I'm in San Mateo county California
To be lawfully arrested law enforcement would have to prove you drove the vehicle while intoxicated. However being...
Arrested for a DUI on 11/28/2013, it's now 12/13/2016. Am I still on the 3 year probation period and/or what are my next steps?
The date of conviction was March 18th 2014. I called the County Clerk and they mentioned the probation period is from date of conviction but I wasn't 100% sure if that was true or not. I would like to know what limitations are still imposed at this time and what opportunities I have ( stop SR-22 filing, expungement opportunities, etc.) Thank you!
If you were put on 3 years of probation, that term would run from the time of conviction rather than the time of arrest....
Anything I can do to fight this?with my (2) dui's they are saying it's The 2nd time& I'm on probation until Nov this yr!!
Ilicense suspended due to 2 dui(s) & off prob this nov! I was pulled over in October for exp registration (exp sept) was given a driving on a suspended ticket. (M) thinking it's a traffic ticket & assuming it was i wasn't too worried about it I never recieved anything in the mail,every time I looked my ticket up online on the San Mateo county court traffic website it would say case closed or paid! that wasn't the case...January I end up getting a "warrant" letter in the mail from Burlingame pd.I turned myself in, bailed out and got a court date. At court they had me fill out paperwork, all the judge said was I was approved for "the private defender program and to call next week" which I've been calling everyday since & my "assigned attorney" hasn't contacted me once! I'm frustrated because 1. I did not know my license was suspended 2. Yes the dmv told me I was sent I notice about it in July that I never received guessing since My mailboxes were broken into multiple times (I have letters from landlord) 4. I've done everything (OHS DUI CLASSES, IID FOR ONE YEAR, PAID ALL FINES,ETC)) to get my license back & every time I get a temp one I never get it in the mail from the dmv!
in order to answer your question an attorney would need to look at your driving record printout. if you are enrolrd in...
Do I need a lawyer prior to arraignment? Do I need to report to the medical board prior to conviction?
I drank about 4 standard drinks over 4 hours. I was found at a red light. I had briefly dozed off. I was travelling at 0 mph. I refused a breathalyzer and got my blood BAC about 30-45 minutes later. I am charged and arrested for a DUI 23152(a) in the middle of January. My first court date (arraignment) is in middle of March. I don't think my BAC is over 0.08. #) What are the advantages of getting a lawyer NOW vs. waiting until arraignment and asking for a continuance to get a lawyer IF the case is not dropped or my BAC is >0.08? #) I am a physician. Do I have a responsibility to report to the medical board of california prior to any conviction? I know I need to after conviction.
Each and every case is very fact specific. Yes, consult with several local criminal defense/DUI attorneys before the...
Victim of DUI driver: would seeking restitution damages in criminal court prevent defendant's insurance to pay?
Was hit by DUI driver: car is totaled, no medical injury sustained. Made a claim with responsible party's insurance, they are unresponsive, claiming they are "investigating coverage" for 3 months now. Now received a letter from the District Attorney's Office, asking to file a statement of loss questionnaire for restitution damages, to be used in court during his DUI case hearing. If I submit this questionnaire, would it remove the obligation of his insurance company to pay on my claim? Would a better approach be to file a case against him in small claim court separately?
In criminal cases the Court can order the defendant to pay restitution which is normally considered the damages the...
Saturday July 26th is my surrender date to serve a 10 month sentence in San Mateo (CA) County jail. How much time will I do?
This is a first a offence but serious charges and was given a strike. My P. O. says I will get day for day credit and actually serve 5 months even though it's a violent felony. Is this true? Thank you
Your probation officer may be wrong, but he may also be correct. What charge did you actually enter into a plea to?
DUI with excessive speeding first time offender
I was pulled over in Burlingame on El Camino Real (35 mph zone). Radar showed 73 mph. And after test police officer told me that my BAC was 0.18. After i was i was arrested and they took alcohol blood test in the police department. In the notice of appear they gave me two VC codes (23152(a) and 22350). That is my first DUI and in my life i have never got even a parking ticket and have a full time job. I'm going to hire a layer but just want to know the worst case scenario before starting. What do you think the worst case scenario? What is the chance of jail time, that can't be negotiated alternatives to jail? Is it possible that court will transform (23152(a) and 22350) codes to 23582 VC?
the maximum penalty on a first time DUI is 6 months in jail. the mandatory minimum if convicted of a first time DUI...