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I failed my interlock in oct of 2013 and was made to do hope class and get a in home breathalyzer I failed both my in home and vehicle interlock on June 2 2014 my probation officer said she will have to write up a new amendment order possibly facing safp can I even hire a lawyer to fight a amendment orde
Get a lawyer. You are looking at a potential prison sentence of up to 10 years
I obtained a "wet reckless" in 2009 in California. Completed the course and payed the fine. I have been off probation for 2 years. I am graduating residency in June 2014 and wanted to apply for the TX Medical license. The online application specifically asks "have you ever been arrested?" Do I answer yes or do I answer no since I did not get arrested in Texas?
Were you "arrested" for that charge? If yes, then the answer will obviously be YES. If you were just issued a...
I received a DUI in 2004. I served 2 years probation, paid all court fees, fines, and surcharges in order to keep my drivers license. I was a resident of Indiana at the time of conviction but received the DUI in Texas. I moved back to Texas about 5 years ago and I recently obtained my CDL here in Texas. Now all of the sudden Indiana is reporting my driving record and the DUI is listed on it. So Texas wants to suspend my license since Indiana didn't, so why did I pay the fees to Texas keep my license and keep sr22 insurance for two years?? I served the time for the crime yet they are trying to add more punishment 10 years after satisfying all requirements of the closed case. Now Texas is trying to give me a departmental suspension for an out of state conviction... Really?
Apparently, yes, Really. I agree with you that this stinks, but we are wasting time here online complaining....
I'm on felony probation no problems for 3 years in Johnson county
If you have not had any violations so far while on probation, there is a good chance that your probation officer would...
I am 19 and I was stopped for speeding and a tail lamp violation. I ended up getting warnings on those but ended up with a DUI and my drivers license was siezed. I did not provide any form of breath or blood analysis. I was not arrested and was allowed to be picked up by my parents since my car was towed. This is my first offense and I was wondering if I should hire an attorney or if I should just go by myself? I read that I am eligible for deferred disposition since it is a class C misdemeanor. Is that better than deferred adjudication? Could I get this removed from my record? Will it come up on my insurance? What would be the best and worst outcome from my situation? Thank you for your time.
DUI is a serious offense and would stay on your record for life. You should get an attorney.
he didnt find anything. not a bowl or pipe nothing. yet i got a possession ticket. is this legal? or can i fight it?
You may be able to challenge the ticket for residue (I'm assuming he charged you with possession of marijuana). In the...
I am facing my third DUI. The first two were over 15 years ago but does not matter in Texas. It is a felony charge. I was stopped for doing 76 in a 70. No swerving, crossing lines, failure to maintain lane. I was driving because my girl had fallen ill. The officer noticed the smell of alcohol on me. He removed me from the car and I did the field tests including one foot counting to over 100 til the officer got tired of me NOT losing balance. I refused the breath test at the jail and was told a nurse would be down to draw blood. She never showed up between the time of booking and when I was bonded out. What are my chances of beating this charge? There is also video of the officer pouring out nearly the entire second beer which I had just opened before driving.
It sounds like you may have a strong defense - I would advise you to hire a local defense attorney immediately to...