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What to do about a failed test
The past few nights I've soaked my dentures in listerine and I've had a failed test
Speak with your attorney about this. A failed test will extend your ignition interlock for one month. Four months or...
How does a dwi/dui appear on a Maryland MVA report?
I am trying to determine how to read a Maryland MVA report that lists suspension but no details.
WE're not MVA employees and this isn't a legal question. Speak to MVA for advice on how to to read their report.
Why would a 1st offense DUI/DWI not appear on MD case search?
1st offense 2005 DUI/DWI (can't remember which) does not appear on MD case search. Other charges from the same incident appear (no process & pbj), but not the DUI/DWI. I am trying to determine my own record for a future employment search. When I run internet based "criminal record" searches, nothing comes up. Thanks.
You can order a full criminal background check on yourself. You also can request your driving record from the DMV.
Can MD DDMP charge me a program fee if my probation was transferred out of state and court waived all fees?
In Jan 2015 I was given probatiin for dui and assigned to ddmp. Paperwork states to transfer to wv and waive all fees. I am about to discharge probation under wv and now MD says I owe 2 years of ddmp supervisiin fees
In DUI cases, there are two fees that are paid in Maryland. The judge can waive the supervision fee, but not the DDMP...
Violation of probation
Can you violate probation if found guilty of driving with a suspended license?
Yes. A conviction for any offense for which you could go to jail (driving while suspended is one such offense) is an...
Will I be drug tested for a possession charge when I go to sentencing?
I have a court date for possession of heroin in Fredrick county Maryland. Will I be drug tested before court?
If you are convicted and sentenced to probation, you can be drug tested when you check into probation or at any time...
Will I be charged in court if as a witness, I admit to driving under the influence?
I have a friend who is getting charged with driving without a license. This is not his first offense so he's facing jail time. He wants me to testify in court on his behalf and admit that he was only driving because I was too drunk...but I would then have to also admit I drove home drunk since the cops involved left me to drive, thinking I was sober. I wanna help him out but I'm not trying to get charged with a DUI, especially if my testimony might not help him out anyway since it's not his first offense.
The fact that he was driving because you were drunk is not a defense to your friend's charge. It may be helpful in...