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Virginia DUI When considering prior offenses, do they use the offense date or the conviction date in the prior 10 year period?
Virginia DUI When considering prior offenses, do they use the offense date or the conviction date in the prior 10 year period?
In Virginia, the court looks at the date the offenses were committed, independent of the date of conviction.
Whats the cost of open container ticket and how does it affect license points?
I was charged a ticket for having an open container. However I was not drinking and driving. The violation was listed as 5-1-25. The officer did not tell me the price of the fine. What can I expect to have to pay and will it have an affect on my license if I was not DWI?
Your ticket will have information directing you to a court where your case will be handled.There could also be a...
I was arrested for a dwi in Virginia but I'm on vacation from Florida
I can't afford to stay In hotels any more i go to court on Tuesday I need my license since I'm self employed and work out of my car what do i do
You do whatever it takes to come up with the money for a VA DUI attorney. You are about to lose your privilege to...
I got charge with a DUI and I have dentures. Can the dentures and the adhesive trap alcohol causing me to have a higher BAC?
At the scene I blew a .18 and by the time I got to the jailhouse I blew a .14. I passed all the field sobriety test and I was driving perfectly fine. In fact the only reason why I was pulled over was because third brake light was out. Will my dentures help prove my innocence?
Prove your innocence? No. Be a factor that might impact the courts decision on your case? Maybe. You really...
DUI / PBJ in MD / US Citizenship / Q for Immigration lawyer
I got PBJ for a DUI in Maryland. The judge gave a 7 month probation without supervision which will expire in Dec 2015. I am eligible to apply for US Citizenship as of July 2015. Can I apply after my probation period is over or do I have to wait for 5 yrs from my probation end period? (Q for Immigration lawyer)
Again, to be able to prove adequate "good moral character" for citizenship purposes, you will have to wait 5 years from...
Virginia DWI expungement
Two years ago I received a DWI charge which was nolle prossed in exchange for a guilty plea to civil refusal. No other lifetime arrest/criminal history. SOL has tolled on the nolle'd charge. Have filed an expungement petition in Circuit Court for the DWI charge, submitted fingerprints, etc. Waiting for background check to arrive in court. Should I hire a lawyer to handle the expungement hearing? Is the CA likely to object, and cite the refusal as a reason to deny the expungement?
Generally, prosecutors do not object to expungements. However, In Fairfax County, anything can happen! Since...
Can I get my license back? Looking for the best lawyer.
Hi, I was convicted of DWI and refusal of blood sample in VA. I got the DWI charge dismissed and expunged but was convicted of the refusal charge which carries a one year license suspension. My license has been suspended for 8 months now and I have had enough, I am a full time student and need to be driving. Is there any way I can get my license back now, ask the court for some sort of clemency? I am ready to hire any attorney who could help me in this endeavor.
When one is convicted of Refusal of Tests, the punishment is a one year license revocation. There are no provisions...