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I have been given a tickets for dwai and dwi
had 2 drinks at my moms christmas eve,heading home got stopped by nystate troopers i told them that and i was just like not even 6 tenths of a mile, they pulled me over in my yard and they made me do some test in my slusshy driveway, i was honest and respectal to them the whole time. i am a big guy i wiegh over 240 two drinks seems not right . clean driving record the thing i blew in to sad 00.6 i think
What is your question?
How can i find information about a probation officer in ny?
My mother was just sentenced to 9 months in County jail because she failed a drug test. They were testing her for alcohol use. She was tested by her probation officer and failed then went to her doctor to have her test her and she passed. Since she's been in County lockup shehas met 2 other women that had the same probation officer she did and those 2 women had failed a drug test but when they were tested somewhere else they passed. So iit's my belief this probation officer may be tanking their tests for some reason so I need to be able to look into this officer and also find a way to find more people who were failed their tests when they didn't use
Other than a Google search I am not aware of anyplace you will get information on-line. How long after the positive...
My fiance got his third DWI in five years he did serve jail time in county for prior two. In NY state what will happen.
My fiance is the only one with income in home. We have 6 kids. The firstbdwi was with his child he served jail for this as well as second one whuchbhe was on a utv. The third was also on the same utv which u do not need a liscence to operate in NY. Do u think there Is any chance of house arrest or even felony probation?
Sentences tend to get worse not better. He needs to get an attorney, but if convicted you should expect incarceration.
Can I get my Liscence back at the dmv refusal hearing and how can I be charged with dwi intoxication
I was wtopped for a break light then the officer said probable cuz for me to take a breathalyzer was that my truck smelled like weed but they proceeded to charge me wit dwi intoxication that's where I drew the line and refused the tests but I also said once I get to the judge I'll take whatever tests the officer wanted. I also after getting bailed out went to the hospital to get my bac checked and it came up 0. Not to mention I'm white on a Native American reservation and the cops are always messing wit me
Sobriety tests are not given in front of the Judge. More facts are needed. You are facing a 1 year revocation of your...
How is nys penal law 1192.3 a marijuana charge?
I was charged wit dwi intoxication for the Odor of marijuana in my truck
It should be 1192.4..............................
Can i beat a dwi if i refused the blow test?
This is my third dwi within 10 years i have two misdemeanor convictions in the past.
The prosecution does not need to have a chemical test in order to convict you of DWI. They can present evidence from...
Had a breath test that came back as .11 i had stopped drinking 2 hours before....would my blood test be lower?
had an accident...last drink was about 2:30a.m. breath test was done at approx. 4:30a.m. then blood was drawn. breath came back as .11 would my blood level be lower?
It depends how you were drinking. If you took multiple shots before you stopped at 2:30 your blood alcohol level may...