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What are my chances of beating this DUI? Car out of gas, sat in the driver seat, arrested for DUI.
I was sitting in the backseat while my friend was driving my car home because I was drunk. There was even a video shot with the timestamp minutes away from the arrest, where I was sitting in the backseat. The car ran out of gas at a corner. I moved from the backseat to the front. CHP pulled up and took me arrested. My car was towed and released the next day. I was charged with a DUI and released the next morning.
No attorney can guarantee anything but it does seem like you have a good chance of a dismissal or lowering the DUI to...
Hello my question is about summary probation .I was given 36 month summary probation on 04/10/2013 for DUI and paid and finished
Hello my question is about summary probation .I was given 36 month summary probation on 04/10/2013 for DUI and paid and finished all requirements now on 04/10/2016 summary probation ends so can you please tell me should i pay attorney to file motion or its just going to removed automatically . Thank you So Much In Advance .
It just ends automatically. No need to pay for an attorney to do anything. Unless you want to seek a retroactive...
DUI Vs wet-Reckless Count. Which is worse when applying for Citizenship application (N400)?
I'm a PR holder (greencard). I got a DUI (only 0.10), 1st time, no aggravations (just simply pulled me over after a fundraiser). I can lower my charge to Wet-reckless. Should I take the DUI count or Wet-reckless count ? What would appear as more negative in my citizenship app (N400) ? I heard, neither has huge effect on "moral turpitude" if my probation is over, but just want to know, which would be worse in the eyes of officer reviewing my n400 application ? Please help.
A wet is a misdemeanor DUI reduction. Neither crime is a crime of moral turpitude. A wet reckless is a step down in...
I'm Permanent Resident (GC ). Can I travel overseas While DUI Probation ? I have to leave to Hongkong/China for Work reasons.
My DUI lawyer's still trying to work out a deal. It looks like Wet-reckless, Misdemeanor DUI , Blood alcohol level 0.10. and 3 year probation (hoping to dismiss it after one year).
Yes, you can travel overseas while on probation. However, if you have an attorney, why aren't you asking him?
Citizenship comingup, but got 1st time for DUI, court offering "Wet Reckless" with house arrest to avoid probation. Thoughts?
Need an immigration lawyer to consult with my DUI lawyer. I'm in PR (greencard) . Got arrested for the 1st time, but because of low alcohol count (0.10) and the prosecutor offering 2 options-- "Wet Reckless" with probation. Or Without probation but 6months house arrest (This's so i can apply for my citizenship, my lawyer says it'll only reflect as 90 days house arrest for the record). Would like someone to discuss with my lawyer about future issues when I go to apply for my citizenship. Thank you
If you're looking for an immigration attorney, I suggest you use the "Find a Lawyer" tab on Avvo or look at the...
Restricted License with two residences?
I will be eligible to obtain a restricted license next week and wanted to know if it would be ok to travel from one "home" to another. I have two residences (one close to where I work and one about 15 miles away that also needs frequent tending to). My question is if i'm essentially traveling from one of my residences to another while not under the guise of going to work or DUI classes - would this be considered "acting out of the scope of my restriction" and hence subject me to arrest?
Potentially it would be- unless you are going to the home from work or alcohol school.
Can I lose my drivers license and nursing license if i blow 0.7 on a breathalyzer?
I was pulled over for a burnt out tail light and then asked to take a field sobriety test. I had three drinks a couple hours before and drank water in between.
first question is were you arrested and were you given notice got your license may be suspended by administrative...