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Refusal to submit to blood breath or urine
second time 18 month suspension filed for formal review with dmvto contest it since the the criminal charge for the refusal has been dropped will this benefit the dmv hearing on reinstatement or is it irrelevant I did submit to the breath and they did get blood before I refused the u/a I have a well known law firm that is good I was asleep in my truck in a publix parking lot keys on floor board windows down claim that I had a bag with cocaine residue in truck but none in my system truck has a iid installed but because of refusal was charged dui some advice or opinion on chance of getting dl reinstated at formal review hearing
I would suggest you ask your well known law firm, or another dui defense lawyer there.
I got a DUI when i was sleeping in my car the keys were not in the ignition
i was in a shopping center parking lot i took a Breathalyzer test and passed but refused to do a U/A test
You will want to consult with an experienced DUI attorney in your area about these facts. I have changed your practice...
I end early with probation .my interlock starts in october. thats when i can apply for my license. what do i do
i end in april . i met all requirements . i will have interlock for 2 years. i will get the interlock on before i get my license in october. can i get this reduced down since i will not be on probation and who do i contact if something goes wrong with the interlock.please help. thank you
If you have a problem with the device you will contact whomever installed it. As for the rest of your question you...
Can i get a hardship license my license is suspended for 5years fleeing eluding and 2years cocaine possession.
In 2009 i was sentenced to 8 years in prison with 5years revocation for fleeing and eluding and 2 years revocation for drug possession. Im about to get out im currently finishing my sentence at a drug program. DMV told me my revocation will not begin until im released from prison. Can i get a hardship license there is no public transportation in palmcost and i plan to work and go to school in the next county over. I need to drive can a lawyer do anything for me
Your suspension begins once you are released from prison and the DHSMV is notified of it. You should have your correct...
This is my first dui never committed A crime before but I hot a cop car could I go to jail for this?
I hit a cop and started aa and more classes will this help
AA and classes will help you. The best thing to do is get a criminal defense attorney on your side.
How long is investigaton will take
I am recovering alcoholic I am in recovery now 7 months sober. I am going to aa and have sponsor. I had postpartum depresson after my daughter was born and became an alcoholic. And Fred kick me out from his house when my child was 9 months. His wife always dreamed have a girl but couldn't and she put my hands to my child while I was in rehab
Congratulations on your sobriety. I'm not sure what you are asking nor what is being investigated.
Heartship license
my license was revoked for two years for Felony possession of a controlled subsistence can i get a heartship license
You should be able to apply for a hardship license. You can do so online or by calling the DHSMV at (727) 507-4407