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  • Day four of Derrick Stafford's murder trial is underway

    Thursday Mar 23 | via KATC-TV Lafayette 

    Ten witnesses testified Thursday morning as Derrick Stafford's defense attorneys began making their case in the former deputy marshal's murder trial. Some of the testimony, including that of Megan Dixon, who was Christopher Few's girlfriend the night of the shooting, and of another man who witnessed them at a bar that night, corroborated statements that Few had been acting angry and jealous toward his girlfriend moments before the police pursuit that led to Few's shooting and the death of his 6-year-old son, Jeremy Mardis.


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  • Stafford defense brings witnesses to refutea

    Thursday Mar 23 | via Daily World 

    Derrick Stafford's defense team spent Thursday morning on witnesses who refuted claims that the former Marksville Ward 2 deputy marshal used excessive force and the woman who once claimed that the November 2015 shooting incident happened Stafford defense brings witnesses to refute excessive force claims Derrick Stafford's defense team spent Thursday morning on witnesses who refuted claims that the former Marksville Ward 2 deputy marshal used excessive force and the woman who once claimed that the November 2015 shooting incident happened Check out this story on dailyworld.com: The state rested its case late Wednesday in the Derrick Stafford trial.


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Bunkie Law

Can Louisiana dcfs take my children after second positive drug screen.
The police wanted me to rat and when I didn't they called call service the largest child services and said that there was a mess with her for now your friend and that I was arrested which is not true me and my wife both failed the first dipstick test the second test that was just realize we both passed the third test which was a dipstick just refilled again for methamphetamines and they came in and took the children
Yes they can best to consult with a family attorney asap for your options.
How to remove a supended license off your driving record?
I got stopped driving with a suspended license about 3 years ago I didn't know it was suspended. Well I paid all my fines and got it reinstated a few days later I get a letter stating that I will be suspended for a year bc I got caught driving suspended. Well my year is up and I'm no longer suspended but it's still on my record and my insurance rates are insanely high. Is there any way I can have it removed so I can have lower insurance rates?
You can get the license reinstated but you cannot remove it from your driver's record. The issue of you insurance...
Immigration. How to fight a dui deportation? Is there any hope? How do we fight the immigration?
My fiance got a dui 3 years ago which made it a felony because it was his third one. I think he has 5 for his whole life. Noone was ever injured. He is a LPR Immigration took him into custody and denied bond we requested bond and the judge denied it also. He entered into rehab and hasn't had a drop in more than 2 years we have a 8 year old daughter and buying our home. I have hired a lawyer he wants to appel the bond. I just want to know if we stand a chance is there any dui cases that have been won and what are our chances? They are only looking at his duis not how hard he has worked to stay sober and what about all these years he has worked and paid taxes and built his life here he has been in the us for 28 years. Please how can we fight this. Now what can he do to try and get a bond?
It is going to be hard, but not altogether impossible. I hope you have a good lawyer. One would have to look at ten...
I was selected for "emergancy jury duty" as I entered a walmart by the sheriffs dept. Can this be done?
Went to go shopping, went to store sheriffs dept (several) standing by door asked if I was parish resident looked at drivers license, Told to report to court house for jury duty.
Yep. It is rare. It is called a writ of attachment. I have only heard of it two other times, for death penalty trials.
Will I be dropped from my diversion program for shoplifting if I fail a drug screen for marijuana in St Tammany parish in LA?
I have 2 weeks left in my diversion program & had to submit a drug screen before being released. I've completed all other requirements & fees & haven't failed any prior screening. Thank you. This is my first offense
In all likelihood you will be dropped from Diversion
How could CPS take you kids if I tested positive and they tested my kids hair. Is it true if it comes back positive for weed.
I tested positive and they done hair samples on my kids is it possible that NY kids can get removed asap
It is possible. If the petition a judge and show that the children are in immediate danger of irreparable harm, then a...
What is the worst I can get for first time parfanalia and a legend drug
I got caught with a straw and a clear bottle with nausea pills. I got charged with a legend drug and parfanalia
You need to call an attorney. I'm guessing you also have a DEI. Need to know if you blew or were urine or blood...