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I called the state trooper and called the adjuster back and left a message, my question is what happens now my vehical is damaged
You inform your insurance company if you have comp and collision, if not you sue her.
When he registered at the jail he was told he has to take a drug test, he smokes marijuana and is now scared he will have to serve the remainder of the 90 days. If he fails the test only has 2 days so will fail test. The way I read the paper from the jail I took it he would just have to serve his 8 days in a row and not be eligible for the weekend program. His order from the court had no mention of drugs just said would not have or consume alcohol for 12 months and he has to take the program Asap. And the box for probation was not checked. So will he be in jail the 90 days or just the 8?
If he has to serve the time straight, rather than on weekends, he will generally serve half the time, 4 days (unless he...
Iam Trynna figure out why didn't I have too post bail 2500 secure and get on Pre trial supervision and they said maintain a Job and I got a 6:30 curfew and Iam a adult did the laws change?
They change sometimes, but that had nothing to do with your bond. Bond is the terms and conditions a judge or...
I unfortunately received a DUI when I was 19 years old. I am now 20, and about to take my VASAP classes. During research, I found that in some programs, they will drug/alcohol test each session. However, I couldn't find details about the Underage alcohol program. I am under no circumstance an addict of any sort, I'm a college student who enjoys the occasional party, and unfortunately wouldn't pass a drug test on the count of marijuana. Any insight?
Stop smoking now and hope they do not test you.
I was stopped in prince George 3am going home I stop drinking like 12:45 left my friend house at 2:30 I was stopped for faluire too turn my high beams off but I didn't get a ticket for that the office said I smell acholol have u been drinking I said I had a couple beers like 3 1/2 hours ago he made me get out the car n do 2 test I pasted them but failed the breathlizer blew a 1.2 took me too jail my friend was also their he was drunk and they gave him a ride home he still had his beverage in his hand when he got out the police n they knew what it was do I have a chance at fighting this case the officer said I did good on my test just failed the breathlizer can I use my friend as a witness that the cops didn't do everything by the books and I was never read my Miranda rights
Miranda generally isn't an issue when it comes to DUI, but do you realize you never asked a question?
I got a DUI charge in April 2013 and a Driving on a suspended charge on January 2014. My initial charge was in Fairfax county and ASAP was on Loudoun county. Loudoun ASAP closed my case and it was completed. I got my license back from Virginia and moved to a different state. Now my PO from Fairfax is bringing me to the court for Probation Violation. There was no alcohol charge on the second violation and my record is clean other than the DUI. Any advice on this?
Get a lawyer. It does not matter that the new charge was not alcohol related. Even though your ASAP requirement was...
First Dui offense last court date was in February now it's October didn't have the money to pay for classes till now
The length of time to complete follow through is usually spelled out in the criminal judgment. If it isn't, you should...