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Can I sue the company I work at?
I backed into a parked forklift, and it shut my forklift off, requiring a drug test. A few days later, another forklift driver, backed into a stationary stack of fifth wheels, but did not get drug tested.. From what the safety mam told me, a drug test is required. Then the h.r. lady, tells me, that it all depends on the severity of the accident. Understandable, but he had the exact same kinda accident I did.. Just hit two different things..
Based on the facts that you have provided, you do not have a cause of action on which to sue.
Can I somehow be able to use pretrial diversion since DUI and DWI are mostly interchangeable words?
I was recently arrested for DUI in Tennessee, and I am 18. This is my first offense, and was going to use Pretrial Diversion since this is my first offense ever, but TN law states pretrial diversion can not be offered for DUIs, but can for DWIs. I did let them take my blood, but was never breathalyzed, so I don't know what my BAC was at the time. My arraignment is tomorrow.
No - they are not interchangeable. In Tennessee, there is no DWI for adults. DWI applies to minors only. And don't...
I was fired from my job, because they said I was intoxicated on pills, but they didn't give me a drug test.
I went to work, and started working, and went to the restroom, and when I came out I was being accused of being drunk, and high on pain medication, but they didn't give me a drug test or anything at all, and I told them I would take it.
So did you have a legal question? As a practical matter absent union protections, a written employment contract, or...
What is SB38 program
What is SB38 program
18 month multiple offender alcohol program.
My daughter was charged with DUI, on her way to work in July 2014. How long does she have to wait for "speedy" justice?
She has never had a traffic ticket. The officer had blood drawn at the jail and it was sent to TBI. She went back to court in Jan. 2015. "Drug results are not back yet" New date set for April. She hasn't hired an attorney because she didn't have drugs in her system. She was honest with the officer when he asked and told him she had taken her sleep medication early that morning. This was around 3PM. The judge told her she needed to prove to him that she has spoken to 4 attorneys and that she can't afford to pay those attorneys before he would appoint a public defender. After this incident, she lost her job, her home and her dog. She now is working 2 part time jobs and living with her mom. What happened to "innocent until proven guility". The attorney she did consult wanted $2500
I would suggest that you consult with more than one lawyer. In fact, if the judge said four I would follow his orders....
Can I be convicted for DUI for taking a prescribed diet pill ,failed sobriety test due to lack of sleep.
blood alcohol was negative
A DUI does not apply to just alcohol. You may be convicted of a DUI / DWI if you are driving a vehicle in a public...
How long after being charged with a dui in Tennessee does the state have to try you for it?
While the U.S. Constitution guarantees criminal defendants a right to a speedy trial, there is no absolute time frame...