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What will happen in court with a public intoxication ticket & a minor in possession of alcohol ticket?
I'm 16 years old & I was charged with a minor in possession of alcohol & public intoxication. They called my dad & my dad was allowed to come get me... I can't describe key details because I really don't remember. The only other legal trouble I've been in was recieving a speeding ticket, I just don't know what to expect.
Your question depends almost entirely on what you negotiate with the solicitor as much as what court you will be going...
What can we expect if he doesn't to complete the steps to resolution after court (probation requirements) and returns to the US?
My husband got a DUI over the holidays and has a court date set for Feb. we are relocating to the Caribbean (he's a Jamaican national and US citizen) so we anticipate he'll be unable to complete all the steps if he goes through a probation process, leading to a reinstatement of his license.
Its not very hard to complete the steps. It would be stupid to just blow it off unless you plan to never to return to...
Can I get an auto loan with restricted license 'work permit" in georgia
I've already filled out the paperwork and I am just waiting for delivery. I still have the same insurance at the time of my incident and I will be using the same bank for my new car. Just wanted to make sure it wont get yanked back in a few weeks. Ive read the fine print, but I wasn't one hundred percent on all the terminology. So I am fully insured and have a valid work permit. Any reason as to why this could go south. Thanks
It is impossible to say without being able to review the contractual language. Good luck!
I missed my recorders court date for a DUI yesterday. What should I do?
I had made a honest mistake by looking at the wrong continuance of arraignment sheet from a previous date.
Contact the court clerk asap! Depending on the speed of the clerk there may or may not be a warrant for your arrest....
Charged with DUI less safe in Gwinnett, GA and have some questions....
I did my field sobriety tests, blew in the breathalizer the officer gave me at the scene, and was read the complied consent card. I was never told my BAC before being arrested or given a test at the station for that matter. I also did not receive a form 1205 to suspend my license so Im not sure if I need to go through that step before court. I did send the ALS form to the DMV just in case though with the $150. I also do not currently have a lawyer and am hoping to get a public defender at my arraignment. If my income is too high to qualify, will I be sentenced that day without a lawyer? Anything I can do on my own before my court date to be better prepared?
You should have the opportunity to get a "reset" -- a new court date to allow you an opportunity to speak with a lawyer....
Got a DUI less safe on post and going through the GOMOR process, what should I expect and do?
Got charged with the DUI charges on a military post on 2AUG14 to include failure to report, failure to stay in lane and flee from scene of accident (not sure if they are the correct phrases). Court date is not until November. It wasn't a situation where I went out partying/drinking with buddies. I was in my room drinking dealing with personal issues and I just blacked out and only remember flashes of what happened. I don't know if I need to add anymore details in this section. I have never been in any situation of this sort and do not even know where to start.
Can you first tell us exactly in WHICH court you are to appear? Generally, all charges occurring on military/federal...
I'm 19 years old. . Trying to join the military. How should I handle my first D.U.I.?
I was drinking Thursday night and decided to drive. The officer said I was going 95 and he smelled alcohol to make things short I Took a breathalyzer got 0.74 at the station. Also charged with speeding, and minor in possession.
I strongly recommend you hire an experienced attorney to help you minimize the ramifications that you are facing....